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New Hampshire Universities, Accredited Colleges, and Degrees

New Hampshire, a New England state rich with colonial American history, is home to around 50 colleges, universities, and vocational institutions. As two of New Hampshire's most populated cities, Durham and Plymouth are host to the state's most prominent public universities, the University of New Hampshire, and Plymouth State University, respectively. Both public colleges include comprehensive online learning components, offering fully online course work, and degree programs. These top New Hampshire universities have received national accolades and recognition, and have ranked highly on lists of top colleges in the U.S. New Hampshire's online programs are abundant in number since, due to the growing popularity of, and demand for, innovative online learning opportunities in this state, nearly all of the top colleges in New Hampshire have now adopted online programs. Students seeking a comprehensive online education have an exclusive selection of New Hampshire colleges to choose from, including prestigious public state schools like the University of New Hampshire, and Plymouth State University, esteemed private institutions like Dartmouth College, and community colleges like Nashua Community College, and Manchester Community College-New Hampshire.

Accredited Colleges & Universities in New Hampshire

New Hampshire's largest public state colleges, the University of New Hampshire, and Plymouth State University, also feature the state's most comprehensive online education systems, UNH cooperative extension, and, respectively. While these universities boast multiple campus locations, and national rankings and awards, they also offer online education options that rival their own traditional, on-campus programs, including a wealth of available online degrees, from bachelor's to the doctoral level, as well as a variety of course work. The state is also home to Dartmouth College, a highly revered top private university in New Hampshire, offering an impressive selection of online classes and degrees. New Hampshire's exclusive public and private four-year colleges and universities are a prime example of comprehensive online education initiatives.

Top universities in New Hampshire are participating in increased efforts, initiated by the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission, to improve diversity throughout the higher education system, and increase student enrollment, especially in distance learning course work. And, to encourage secondary students to consider flexible, distance education options, New Hampshire has developed targeted initiatives, as part of the overall "Innovations" division of the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission, to encourage college education preparation for all students, including grades K-12. Such efforts on behalf of the NHHEC include "extended learning opportunities," and "Next Generation Learning (NxGL)" initiatives.

Accredited Community Colleges in New Hampshire

New Hampshire's diverse community colleges, technical universities, and vocational schools offer competitive curriculum for those seeking to complete a two-year program. Among the accredited community colleges in New Hampshire with the highest enrollment are Nashua Community College, and Manchester Community College-New Hampshire. These schools, among the largest two-year colleges in New Hampshire, offer certificates, associate degrees, and career training, in numerous fields of study, like business, communication, and English, just to name a few. All community college online programs offer flexible course work, and courses can be delivered in a variety of formats, for those who prefer integrating hands-on experience, or hybrid-style classes, into their curriculum.



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