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Information on scholarships, financial aid, college loans, funding resources, and grants - College

Information on scholarships, financial aid, college loans, funding resources, and grants

Scholarship by State

Alabama Scholarships

The State of Alabama takes pride in supporting their youth in their academic careers by providing them with a selection of scholarships to aid them. Students who receive scholarships… More »

Alaska Scholarships

Alaskan Students will find that the amount of time needed for post-secondary studies is great, just as it is at any other university or college, and they may find themselves pressed… More »

Arizona Scholarships

Students who attend universities, colleges, and vocational and technical schools and the State of Arizona can apply for Arizona scholarships. Scholarships will help students of… More »

Arkansas Scholarships

In the state of Arkansas there are many opportunities for students with financial need who can show that they have academic skills that can transfer to a post-secondary education.… More »

Colorado Scholarships

The fact of the matter is that the more education you have the more your potential earnings will be when you enter the workforce. However, education requires funding and it seems… More »

Connecticut Scholarships

While some students are not concerned about how their college or university education will be funded because they come from families than can afford the expense, many are concerned… More »

Delaware Scholarships

One of the biggest obstacles for students who wish to obtain a post-secondary education is funding and the state of Delaware is no different. Students can minimize the amount… More »

Florida Scholarships

As students are finishing off their high school year they are thinking about where they are going from there. Some of them may be going to work, but many students will be headed… More »

Georgia Scholarships

In the state of Georgia, hard working students who excel in school are rewarded for their efforts. Their hard work can pay off in the form of Georgia scholarships, which can be… More »

Hawaii Scholarships

The state of Hawaii is constantly encouraging their young people to grow and expand their learning through attending post-secondary educational facilities. Because many of their… More »

Idaho Scholarship

Students in the state of Idaho can relieve a great deal of stress that relates to post-secondary education by applying for Idaho scholarships. Idaho scholarships can be applied… More »

Illinois Scholarships

When graduating from high school and determining where you want to continue your education within the state of Illinois it is helpful to know that there are many scholarships available… More »

Indiana Scholarships

The state of Indiana provides numerous funding opportunities for potential students wishing to further their educations at Indiana’s colleges and universities. While assistance… More »

Iowa Scholarships

Regardless of which university or college you are hoping to attend in the state of Iowa there are plenty of opportunities for financial assistance should you find yourself in a… More »

Kentucky Scholarships

When considering sources for financial aid if attending college or university in the state of Kentucky one of the best resources is the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority… More »

Kk Scholarships

Of all the financial assistance programs that are available to prospective students in the state of Kansas, one of the most popular is the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program.… More »

Louisiana Scholarships

For those attending university or college in the state of Louisiana there are many options when seeking out financial aid to help reduce your educational costs. With tuition costs… More »

Maine Scholarships

For those students wishing to continue their education beyond high school in the state of Maine there are plenty of options available when it comes to qualifying for one the many… More »

Maryland Scholarships

Students in Maryland have a variety of options available to them when it comes to receiving financial aid in the pursuit of a higher education. With hundreds of Maryland scholarships… More »

Massachusetts Scholarships

Throughout the state of Massachusetts there are thousands of students who are seeking financial aid each year to help defer the high costs of either a college or university education.… More »

Michigan Scholarships

The state of Michigan has literally thousands of financial aid opportunities for those wishing to attend either its universities or colleges. This provides potential students with… More »

Minnesota Scholarships

Perhaps the most difficult part of obtaining either a college or university degree is not the studying and hard work itself but the actual cost of obtaining such an opportunity.… More »

Mississippi Scholarships

For those considering continuing their education beyond high school it is imperative to recognize all of the opportunities for financial assistance that are available to them.… More »

Missouri Scholarships

Finding the finances to fund an education can be difficult for many students but those who work hard and apply themselves to their school work may find it rewarded through Missouri… More »

Montana Scholarships

Students in the state of Montana have more to do than just enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery while kayaking, hiking, and snowboarding. Students in Montana need to attend school… More »

Nebraska Scholarships

Nebraskans do more than play amazing football. They also attend college, and many of them need extra funding in order to do that. Scholarships are very often the only way that… More »

Nevada Scholarships

The state of Nevada is famous for offering excitement and fun, but there is more to the state of Nevada than gambling and glittery lights. There is more to Nevada than amazing… More »

New Hampshire Scholarships

Students in New Hampshire might have a great time enjoying the scenic White Mountains, but there is more to being a college student than enjoying beautiful landscapes or snow boarding… More »

New Jersey Scholarships

People in New Jersey do more than garden. People in New Jersey go to college. Scholarships are very often the only way that some students will be able to afford to pay for their… More »

New Mexico Scholarships

New Mexico’s majestic and enigmatic landscape is breath taking. However, there are still people who are going to be productive and go to college in this beautiful place. They… More »

New York Scholarships

New York is full of beautiful terrain and bright lights. Students in New York have the best of city and country life to distract them from the hard work of academics. Yet, people… More »

North Carolina Scholarships

North Carolina is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Mountains and beaches can be quite enticing to students, but scholarships are even more so. When… More »

North Dakota Scholarships

North Dakota boasts of awe inspiring landscapes and beautiful mountains. Students aren’t just taking in the scenery, in North Dakota, though. They are trying to pay for college… More »

Ohio Scholarships

The state of Ohio has more than great football and sandwiches. Ohio has students who need help paying for college. Scholarships are very often the only way that some students will… More »

Oklahoma Scholarships

Oklahoma has more than a rodeo and football going for it. Oklahoma has college students. Some of these college students, or prospective college students, are struggling to find… More »

Oregon Scholarships

Oregon is a place that people can lose themselves on white water or hiking adventures. However, Oregon is not just an adventurer’s wonderland. It is also a place that students… More »

Pennsylvania Scholarships

Pennsylvania is not only the home of the Liberty Bell. It is not just a place for a great cheese-steak sandwich. It is more than the home of Benjamin Franklin. Pennsylvania is… More »

Rhode Island Scholarships

Rhode Island is more than a beautiful place with outstanding scenery. It is a place where students seek to pay for college. Scholarships are very often the only way that some students… More »

South Carolina Scholarships

South Carolina has incredible foliage, beautiful beaches, great seafood, amazing cornbread, and rich history. South Carolina also has colleges and college students. Some of these… More »

South Dakota Scholarships

South Dakota is more than the home of beautiful landscapes with crystal clear waters and blue skies. It is not just a great place for a vacation. It is not just a pretty state.… More »

Tennessee Scholarships

Tennessee is not just the birthplace of rock and roll, country music, blues, and bluegrass. It is more than great white water rapids and rolling hills. It is more than the Appalachian… More »

Texas Scholarships

Texas is not just a place with a lot of oil and the Alamo. It is more than the Lone Star State. Texas has great steaks and cattle, but it also has students who are struggling to… More »

Utah Scholarships

Utah has amazing red rocks and ample opportunities for snow boarding, skiing, and golf. Utah has a place that is magical and exciting: Bryce Canyon. But, Utah has students who… More »

Vermont Scholarships

When many people think of Vermont, they think of maple syrup and changing leaves. Or maybe they think of Ben and Jerry’s. But there is more going on in Vermont than ice cream… More »

Virginia Scholarships

Virginia has many treasures. Some of them are the great water parks, romantic vacation spots, and a long and important history. But, there are also students in Virginia looking… More »

Washington Scholarships

Washington State is one of the most scenic and breathtaking places in the world. There is more in Washington State than the Space Needle and a big volcano. There is more to Washington… More »

West Virginia Scholarships

West Virginia is not just a place with amazing views from mountain tops. It is also a place where students struggle to pay for college. Scholarships are sometimes the only way… More »

Wisconsin Scholarships

Wisconsin is not just a place where delicious cheese is made. Wisconsin is also a place where students have to go to college, and find a way to pay for it. Scholarships are very… More »

Wyoming Scholarships

Wyoming has a history of ranching and beautiful fall foliage. Breathtaking landscapes and adventure travel are waiting in Wyoming, but so are college students. They are waiting… More »

Scholarship by Trade/Other

Accounting Scholarships

Accounting students are a rare breed. They need to be serious about their studies and they absolutely must be focused. Working with numbers all day long takes a lot of dedication… More »

African American Scholarships

One of the largest needs of African American communities is good role models. Without good role models in a child's life it is very difficult for the child to make a decision… More »

Art Scholarships

People who decide to move into a career in the arts tend to be passionate and creative people. Once they get working at their art, they could be there for hours or sometimes even… More »

Asian American Scholarships

As the populations of the Asian American communities rapidly increase, there becomes more of a need for Asian American scholarships. Likewise, the competition for these scholarships… More »

Athletic Scholarships

Young people that are skilled at sports may dream of playing sports professionally but there are many obstacles that will cross their path that may prevent that. The competition… More »

Biology Scholarships

As students enter their first year of college they have a lot to contend with. A new environment, new people, and more studying than they've ever imagined can be stressful. Biology… More »

California Scholarships

In the state of California, many opportunities exist to further your education. There are colleges and universities with two year and four year programs. There are also technical… More »

Cosmetology Scholarships

There are many educational paths available for those who are looking to learn a craft or move into a new career. Some choose the university path while others would rather avoid… More »

Culinary Scholarship

There are those that dream of being lawyers and doctors and other professional careers and there are those that like to work with their hands building or fixing things. Then there… More »

Engineering Scholarships

Engineering is one of the toughest academic majors to embark on and students who are enrolled in Engineering programs find that they have very little time for anything else. Students… More »

Grad School Scholarships

Students who have obtained their Bachelor's degree know that it will get them a long way but getting a Graduate Degree is even better. Those who have a Graduate Degree are taken… More »

International Scholarships

The opportunity to study internationally is a something that every student should consider. Going to college or university gives any student and advantage in their chosen field… More »

Law Scholarships

Upon deciding to enter the field of Law, most students are aware that it is a lot of work and studying. They know that they need to spend the majority of their time keeping up… More »

Masters Degree Scholarships

One of the biggest obstacles to obtaining a Master's Degree after finishing a Bachelor's Degree is funding. It takes a lot of money to fund a degree and after the first four years… More »

Military Scholarships

Military men and women make huge sacrifices to protect our country so it is only suitable that they receive some compensation and some privileges in return. One of the way military… More »

Minority Scholarships

Minority Scholarship often allow students who would not otherwise be able to, to get educations that can help them change their lives. While many minority families are able to… More »

Music Scholarships

Musicians get very involved in their art and they are equally involved in their learning. Getting a degree in the arts field is more and more expensive in our day and many talented… More »

Native American Scholarships

Native American scholarships give youth in Native American communities the incentive the need to excel in school. Because these scholarships are available, Native American youth… More »

Nursing Scholarships

Going through nursing school is tough enough without having to worry about money as well. A nursing degree requires many hours of studying, research, classes, and practicum experience.… More »

Scholarships for Women

Women have come a long way to reach the point they are at today. They've fought to be able to go to any school they choose to and take the courses that they are interested in.… More »

Teacher Scholarships

Teachers are a valuable resource in our time. They play a role in shaping the young minds of our future leaders and our children spend a large portion of our time with them. It… More »

Undergraduate Scholarships

The big change from being a high school student to a college or university student is a big step to take. Students will have many changes to get used to and it can be very stressful.… More »

Westwood College Scholarships

Students at Westwood College are offered twenty-six different diploma, Associate, and Bachelor Degree programs. Concentrations are available in a wide range of areas such as business,… More »

Top Online College Degree Programs

  • Purdue University Global
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's
    Purdue University Global has a wide range of programs available for individuals who want to make a career change or improve their job prospects. As a leader in online education, PUG delivers innovative, relevant, and convenient education.
    More Information
  • Saint Leo University Online
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees
    As a regionally accredited online university, Saint Leo University stands as an innovative leader in online adult education through their high quality programs. They offer programs anywhere from Business Administration to Psychology, and much more.
    More Information
  • Everest University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees
    Everest University designs degree programs for today's fastest-growing job markets. For this reason, Everest graduates are well-trained and well-prepared to succeed in their respective fields.
    More Information
  • American InterContinental University Online
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    AIU is the results-focused University that accommodates you with quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs that offer you value, flexibility, a generous transfer-in policy and customizable learning technology that adapts to your preferences.
    More Information
  • Colorado Technical University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    Offering multiple degree programs, Colorado Technical University is a great choice for individuals pursuing a career in any type of industry from business to health care. Their programs are designed to conveniently fit into your current lifestyle.
    More Information
  • Columbia College
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    As a visionary online institution, Columbia College is committed to providing students with exemplary education and training. They are dedicated in helping students achieve their personal and educational goals.
    More Information
  • Walden University
    Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate Degrees
    As a well-known online university, Walden University stands by its respectable reputation as one of the best colleges to attend online. They offer numerous programs with flexible courses in order to allow students to obtain an advanced degree without sacrificing their current responsibilities.
    More Information
  • Virginia College
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    Virginia College offers career-focused courses in order to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their career of interest. They offer up-to-date curriculum in order to keep students up to par with industry standards.
    More Information
  • DeVry University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    DeVry University provides students with a practical, hands-on education from instructors who are accomplished in their respective field. DeVry has programs for students on campus and online so students can get their degree in an affordable, flexible way.
    More Information
  • South University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    South University has been successful in placing students in fast-growing industries using their dynamic curriculum. An accredited university, South University offers affordable programs that allow almost everyone to be able to attend.
    More Information

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