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Top 50 Homeschooling Blogs - College

Top 50 Homeschooling Blogs

Just because you've made the decision to school your children at home doesn't mean that you have to go it on your own. The Internet is full of homeschooling resources, including blogs and learning tools to make sure your children are getting the best education possible. These are 50 of the best we've found to help you learn and connect with your fellow homeschoolers and make sure you kids are prepared to be competitive in college.

  1. Spunky Homeschool: Written by a homeschooling mother of 6, this blog is no longer regularly updated but still contains some great educational news and commentary for those teaching kids at home or anywhere else.
  2. Here in the Bonny Glen: Melissa Wiley, author of a number of books about Laura Ingalls Wilder's great grandmother, blogs here about her experience homeschooling, planning resources and more.
  3. True Blue Semi-Crunchy Mama: This vegan stay at home mom, homeschooler and freelancer writer shares her experiences on this site.
  4. Large Family Logistics: Written by the mother of a growing family, this blog gives insight into managing the day-to-day affairs of homeschooling a big family: from planning lunches to helping your children learn.
  5. Guilt-Free Homeschooling: This blog is great reading material for those looking for advice and encouragement when starting out homeschooling. Written by 11 year veteran of homeschooling Carolyn Morrison, readers can take advantage of her experience by asking their own questions.
  6. Why Homeschool?: This blog explores some of the benefits of schooling your children at home. Find posts on socializing your children, learning to communicate, educational resources and more.
  7. Atypical Life: Mother of four Andrea has ten years of homeschooling experience and this blog chronicles her experiences raising and teaching her children.
  8. Homeschool2College: Homeschooling high school kids and not sure how to send them to college? This blog can provide information and resources to help make sure your kids are prepared and that you'll be able to afford all those college expenses.
  9. Notes from a Homeschooling Mom: Here you'll find a plethora of resources to help you learn and understand what homeschooling is like. Be sure to check out the multi-part series on "A Typical Homeschooling Day".
  10. Our Homeschool Journey: This blog is about Misty's experience raising her five children, her daily trials, and adventures in homeschooling.
  11. Relaxed Homeskool: This blog focuses on "unschooling" and can be a great resource for those who want to homeschool their children using non-traditional methods.
  12. HomeSchoolBuzz: This blog is a great feed for news related to homeschooling. Find educational games to play with your kids as well as information about homeschooling success stories here.
  13. The Home School Mom: Those looking for a great collection of homeschooling resources need look no further than the Home School Mom. Here, homeschooling parents can find information on getting organized, finding freebies, and find local help and resources.
  14. Home Where They Belong: Gena Suarez blogs all about news in the homeschooling world at large and how politics can affect your homeschool decisions.
  15. 01 Charger: This blog looks at homeschooling from the perspective of a 14-year-old girl who is being homeschooled by her mother and can be a good way for your homeschooled kids to network and read about the experiences of other homeschoolers.
  16. By Sun and Candlelight: This Catholic home-educating wife and mother of three boys blogs about her day-t-day experiences educating her children and managing a busy life.
  17. Dewey's Treehouse: This Canadian family blogs about their daily life and the adventures and discoveries they make homeschooling their children.
  18. Eclectic Education: Mom Lynn blogs about her experience homeschooling and caring for her two young sons, dealing with everything from sick kids to setting goals for yourself and your kids. You'll also find a number of links to educational resources to help your kids learn more.
  19. Heart of Wisdom Blog: Those wanting to integrate their religious beliefs into their homeschooling activities will find numerous resources on this site to help you as well as loads of plans, articles, and more.
  20. One Child Policy Homeschool: Not sure how to homeschool your only child? Get some insight from this mom who is homeschooling her lone daughter.
  21. Preschoolers and Peace: This blog is written by a mom of seven who has homeschooled all of her children. Learn from her experiences and read about other homeschooling mothers who have provided a source of inspiration for her.
  22. Principled Discovery: This blog discusses issues related to faith, homeschooling, and family to give you information and insight on the homeschooling experience from a Christian perspective.
  23. The Common Room: This blog is collectively written by a family of nine and chronicles their experiences learning and living together as a family, plus loads of links to homeschooling resources and blogs.
  24. The Mango Times: Unlike many homeschool blogs, this one is written by a father of homeschooled children. Read about his adventures with his eight children and his experiences in the field of dentistry.
  25. A Family Runs Through It: This stay-at-home dad blogs about his experiences homeschooling his children, keeping up with chores and life in north Idaho.
  26. Blessed Among Men: This Catholic mom blogs about homeschooling her five active boys. You'll find tons of entertaining quotes from the kids on the blog, cooking ideas and thoughts on religion.
  27. Cottage Blessings: Written by newspaper columnist Alice O'Brien Gunther, this blog discusses home education for her seven children, faith, homemaking, and even a bit of literature.
  28. Fast Times at Homeschool High: If you're looking for a different perspective on homeschooling, look no further than this blog. This mother of 6 children homeschools one, juggles numerous pets, and still makes time for her partner.
  29. Karen Edminsten: This mom shares her thoughts on educating her children, religion, and day-to-day things that make her smile.
  30. S/V Mari Hal-o-Jen: Think it's hard homeschooling your kids from your kitchen table? Imagine if that table were on a boat! That's just what this family does and you can read about it in this blog.
  31. Mental Multivitamin: This is the homeschooling blog for those who love to read. This homeschooling mom writes about the lessons her kids are learning as well as some of the education she's receiving as a consequence.
  32. Cindy Rushton's Desktop: Blogger Cindy Rushton talks about her family, ministry and homeschooling in this blog. You'll also find links to homeschooling help and two ezines.
  33. Fearlessly Feminine: This young blogger writes about her experience growing up in homeschooling and shares insights to to her faith as well.
  34. My Smoky Mountain Homeschool: This mother of three blogs about her homeschooling experience in the smoky mountains and gives recommendations of fun projects and subjects to study with your children.
  35. Spritibee: This Christian homeschooling mom posts about topics like starting out homeschooling, why she homeschools and provides some basic unit plans for other homeschoolers to use.
  36. The Heart of the Matter: Find support in other homeschooling parents as well as tips, printouts, projects, ideas for saving money and more on this great and informative blog.
  37. Effervescence: This mom and blogger writes about her lively experience homeschooling her two sons. Read about her daily life and even get some recommendations on podcasts here.
  38. Alexander's Maitresse: This New York based mother writes about homeschooling her son using classical education methods.
  39. Life at the Academy: This blog follows the goings on of a private in-home academy in Louisiana and the challenges of homeschooling as well as a few humorous quotes from her children.
  40. Life in Washington: This family of four's adventures in homeschooling and otherwise are journaled in this blog. You can read about this mother's struggles and triumphs in schooling her children.
  41. Kitchen Table Learners: In this blog you'll find links to tons of helpful homeschooling and educational resources to improve your homeschooling experience.
  42. SCHOLA: This blog, for the secular homeschooling parent, follows the daily life of a homeschooling mother and gives recommendations of reading materials and ideas for topics of study for your homeschooled kids.
  43. School at Home: This blog is written by a homeschooling family in Minnesota that loosely follows a Classical and Charlotte Mason format. You'll find education news, lesson plans, reading lists, homeschooling resources, and more.
  44. Teach Your Children Well: Here you can read about one parent's challenges in homeschooling her son, and as a bonus, find links to printables and lesson plans.
  45. Home School Home: This Kentucky based work-at-home and homeschooling mother shares her thoughts and ideas on homeschooling in this informative blog.
  46. Homeschool Math Blog: Math isn't often a child's favorite subject, but you can find new ways to teach it and get some helpful resources from this blog.
  47. Bubba's House O' Fine Learnin': This blog is written by a fun loving mother of four and discusses her adventures raising and educating her children.
  48. Crazy Everyday Blessings: This mother of three blogs about her experiences with one child in college, one being homeschooled and one that's still a toddler.
  49. Holy Experience: Here, you'll find posts from a Canadian mother homeschooling her children and trying to find religion in everyday life.
  50. Learning and Fun Online for Kids: This blog is full of links, resources, games and more to make learning more fun and exciting for your homeschooled children.

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