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66 Tips To Relieve College Stress

1. Get Drunk. The first thing most students will do to relive stress is obviously get drunk. While always a short term solution to alleviate your problems, too much drinking will only increase your levels of stress. Trust me.

2. Smoke a cigarette. Probably one of the most deadliest stress relievers on the planet has to be smoking. Nonetheless, if you're stressed out of your mind, then you gotta do what you gotta do.

3. Have sex. What better way to relive stress then getting hot n' heavy in the bedroom? Or in the kitchen; it doesn't really matter. Just make sure to be smart and use protection you wild animal.

4. Go to the movies. Take a few hours off and go catch a new flick. Movies take you out of your element and make you forget about all of your problems for at least a little while.

5. Play video games. Playing video games is similar to watching a movie because you're taken to a world of make believe, in this case a world where you're allowed to kill others and get away with it.

6. Get some sleep. If your day is getting to your head that bad, it's probably taken its toll and make you dreary. Curl up on the couch or in your bed and catch some z's to cope with stress.

7. Go for a walk. One of the best ways to chill out is to just leave whatever it is you are doing and go take a walk. Your mind will wander with the activity around you and soon you'll feel fine.

8. Run. So maybe walking isn't your cup of tea; in that case, throw on a good pair of shoes and go for a run. You'll burn some calories in addition to burning away any memory of stress.

9. Play a sport. Nothing beats forgetting your woes like getting all worked up out on the field. As long as it involves running, kicking, and/or a ball, you'll be all set.

stress10. Read a book. Kick back, find a nice spot under the shade, and read a good book. The descriptive words will replace the stressful ones lingering in your brain.

11. Masturbate. Kick back, find that nice spot under the - I mean, uh, just do your thing. An obvious alternative if your significant other is not around.

12. Sing a song. There's nothing like climbing up on the top of a mountain and singing at the top of your lungs. Or perhaps karaoke tickles your fancy. either way, your sanity will thank you for letting it out.

13. Take a hike. If you've never been in the woods or hiked up a mountain, then there is a reason you're so stressed out. Get off of your butt and go explore the wilderness.

14. Go on a vacation. Maybe you need a few days off. Go ahead, get away for a few days; you'll feel like a million dollars when you get back.

15. Get a massage. Nothing says stress relief like a good massage. After it's done, you won't have any stress for quite some time.

16. Talk to someone. Pick up the phone and talk to someone. Getting your feelings out in the open and off of your chest will be such a relief. Just don't stress someone else out in the process.

17. Take up gardening. If you want to alleviate stress, you better have a hobby. Gardening will keep you in touch with the earth, get your hands dirty, and help you forget about everything else.

18. Cook. Grab your apron and get yourself in the kitchen. The combination of tastes and smells will get you occupied with creating your meal and nothing else.

19. Paint. If you haven't tried to express yourself in the arts, then pick up painting. Don't worry about being the next Picasso and you'll be surprised with what you can do.

stress20. Fight. Yeah that's right; just like playing a sport will get you all riled up, starting a fight with a loved one or a fist fight with a friend should ease the pain. Just be ware that those punches will cause other pain when it's all said and done.

21. Eat. Stuff your face. Find that favorite snack food you have hiding in the closet, and go to town. You may pay for it later in life, but you're really not worried about it right now, are you?

22 Surfing. Catch a wave, man! Seriously, if you're ever really feeling super stressed out (and don't live to far from the beach!), then grab a board and hit the water.

23. Carpentry. If you're a guy, then there's one thing you love to do, whether you know it or not: banging shit with a hammer. Take up carpentry and bang the stress out of your system.

24. Volunteer. In addition to alleviating your stress, you'll also feel ten times better about yourself after participating in some volunteer work.

25. Comic Books. That's right kids. Grab that latest issue of Uncanny X-Men, let your imagination run wild, and forget about everything else for 28 pages.

26. Crocheting. Hey, look at it this way. You'll forget about your problems for a few hours AND have a new scarf ready for the winter. What more do you want?

27. Shopping. A girl's stress-relieving mission dream come true. Spend more than you have, make sure it fits right, and walk out feeling better than you ever have. At least until tomorrow.

28. Karate. Become one with your inner self and learn to channel your energy to create a focused, lethal bow to your figurative enemy: stress.

29. Swimming. Take a dive into a pool to "cool off" those worked up nerves. A refreshing dip is both refreshing and reinvigorating at the same time.

stress30. Theatre. Grab a date and head in to town to catch a musical. It may sound corny, but you'll find that other people acting is extremely entertaining.

31. Music. Don't think we've forgotten our favorite music. Almost nothing matches our emotions more than the notes that float through our ears.Use something heavy to combat your stress or something soothing to comfort you and loosen those shoulders up.

32. Clean. Sounds crazy, right? The object here is to get everything off of your mind, and if it's physical work you'll get the chance to let some needed steam out.

33. Hypnosis. Supposedly hypnosis is a way to break on through to the other side and fine out maybe a little too much about yourself but at the same time eliminating factors that are stressing you out.

34. Yoga. By practicing yoga on a regular basis you'll feel much better about yourself and your health, get the exercise your body needs and stretch those muscles which should chill you out.

35. Dance. Oh yeah baby! Get on the dance floor and shake your thang; all that moving around (and constant bumping and grinding with another) should get you focused on something else.

36. Roller Skating. Strap on those skates (yeah they have pink wheels, so what?), and get your skate on. It will feel like eighth grade all over again.

37. Breathe. The first thing you should ever do first when feeling stressed out is to breathe! You'd be amazed at how a such a simple aspect of being alive can make you feel so much better.

38. Television. Plop you couch potato self down in front of the tube and veg out for a little while. Just don't get into a habit of watching that TV all the time.

39. Meditate. More people should meditate. Knowing how to clear one's mind is the first step in becoming truly stress free.

stress40. Religion. Many millions of people find solace in their faith and religion. No matter what you believe in, if you have faith you're bound to feel much better.

41. Fly a kite. That's right; you'll look like a total idiot out there, but with your kite flying high and the wind in your face, you'll be giddy with joy. Giddy.

42. Picnic. Again, natures wonders are one of the first things you need to relieve stress. Having a picnic also includes eating, so here you have a double stress relief combo.

43. Concert. A great way for you to get rid of that stress is to go let go of your inhibitions and let you're emotions run wild. A concert is a great place; get swept up by the music and rock on!

44. Amusement Park. When you come down that final track on a wooden roller coaster at speeds way faster than you'd consider driving, your problems will be the least of your thoughts.

45. Circus. If you thought you had it bad, at least you don't have to walk on a high wire for a living. Grab some friends and some cotton candy; the circus will prove to be a fun time.

46. Pets. A big part of relieving stress is having someone who loves you to be there and to be affectionate when you need it the most. Your little puppy wowzer always put a smile on your face with his silly dog antics.

47. Family. Speaking of affection, if you got a case of the college stress blues, maybe you should take a short trip back home and see the parents. Either they'll do a great job of comforting you or drive you so crazy you'll be thankful you're not living with them anymore.

48. Puzzle. C' mon, I know you have a puzzle hiding somewhere in that closet of yours. Break it out, spread the 500+ pieces on the floor, and forget about your worries as you spend hours looking for that one damn puzzle piece (hint: it's hiding under the couch!).

49. Board games. Grab some other stressed out friends and have a night of laughs and fun with any of your favorite board games. Sure to be another double-stress reliever when you best friend ties to start a fight after that last move you just had.

stress50. Spa. Just imagining taking the day to visit a spa is a stress relief in itself. Here you'll be at the care of others and get so pampered you have no reason to be stressed for quite some time.

51. Driving. Yeah, you do it all the time, but never because you really want to. Find some calm roads, crank up the radio, and think about only the open road ahead of you for a change.

52. Museum. Believe or not, history is fun and fascinating. Take the day off and go do something that's not only entertaining but constructive at the same time.

53. Hugs. Quit trying to be such a tough guy and come over here and get a hug. Not just a little one either, I'm talking about a huge bear hug. Now don't you feel better?

54. Tattoo. Probably one you might grow to regret, but one that will relive you of stress nonetheless. The feeling of awesomeness afterwards will be so strong you should be happy for quite sometime (until, of course, you want to get another one!).

55. Working. Yes, if you're really stressed out over school, you may find that actually going to work will chill you out a bit. Some interaction with co-workers and breaking a sweat may be just what you need to put you in your place.

56. Call a hotline. Okay, if you have to resort to this, then you must be really desperate and already tried everything else on this list. If you're feeling suicidal, then yes, please call a hotline at the very least.

57. Learn. Their will always be something outside of college study that you enjoy learning, and so many ways of doing it. You don't have to read a book either; you could do any of the things on this list and find something knew that tickles your brain.

58. Smell. Believe it or not, your sense of smell has a very huge impact on how you feel. Take the time to stop and smell the roses (or other favorite smells) and see how your mood quickly changes.

59. Fly. Feeling a little outrageous? Get on the plane, strap on your chute, and make that jump. After watching your life flash before you're very eyes, hopefully you'll realize how good you've got it.

60. Laugh. Laughing is like exercising. It works out some very important muscles (and not just the ones in your face!) and generally makes you feel so much more alive.

61. Hunt. Hey, so some of us get a kick out of shooting harmless animals out in the woods. Just make sure it's animals you're picking off with that rifle and not people.

62. Cry. Release. That's what being emotional is all about. It's okay, don't be ashamed. It's probably been building up for some time, and you'll feel much better once it's all over with.

63. Plan. Maybe one of the reasons you're so stressed out is because your time management skills are so chaotic. Get your life in order and plan your schedule out a little better, and maybe that stress you've been having so much will start to slip away.

64. Bathe. We won't go into all the reasons why your should be bathing in the first place, but a nice hot shower or bath might be just the trick to get you feeling much better (and clean at the same time!)

65. Dream. You don't even need to be asleep to dream; let your mind wander away from what you are doing for a bit and think about, well, anything you can imagine.

66. Scream. If all else fails, just do it. Scream at the top of your lungs. Running up and down the street while you're doing it will add to the dramatic effect. You'll feel much less stressed out afterwards, but just look like a total fool as a result!

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