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The Top 100 Productivity and Lifehack Blogs for College Students

Having a little trouble getting motivated? From school responsibilities to personal calendars and social commitments, college students find themsselves stretched in too many directions. To give you a little boost, we've generated a list of the top 100 productivity and lifehack blogs for college students. Here they are, arranged by category, but in no particular order.

Most Popular

Following is a collection of some of the most sought after blogs about productivity on the Web.

  1. 43 Folders: Productivity guru Merlin Mann gives advice on "simple ways to make your life a little better." New postings include "Procrastination, the "Unschedule," and re-learning how to walk" and "Technology for smarter ignoring."
  2. Find great tips for saving time, organizing your life, and increasing productivity. invites reader participation on its forums and has a popular "How to" section that's worth checking out.
  3. Productivity501: Consultant Mark Shead offers tips and tools to "help increase your personal productivity."
  4. Zen Habits: This popular blog posts articles ranging from life hack tips to money saving ideas to productivity and organization tools.
  5. David Seah: Writer David Seah is also the inventor of the famed The Printable CEO Series and The Compact Calendar, two sets of tools that will make your life way more organized.
  6. GTD Wannabe: Whip through your daily duties with the tips and tricks posted by the GTD Wannabe.
  7. Ririan Project: This personal development blog is a mixture of easy-to-read (and follow) how-to guides and itemized lists, like "10 Big Lessons from Little Kids." Find articles on self-esteem, leadership, and nutrition.
  8. Matt's Idea Blog: Read Matt's Idea Blog for tips on getting more work done, managing your personal responsibilities, and much more.
  9. The Lazy Way to Success: It's no wonder why this blog is so popular. Readers flock to The Lazy Way to Success to discover "the magical ways where doing less accomplishes more."
  10. Slacker Manager: Slackers can be productive. Wanna know how? Check out Slacker Manager, the blog that gives easy tips for prioritizing and managing your life.
  11. Instigator Blog: Learn how to turn your ideas into money making opportunities with the help of blogger Benjamin Yoskovitz.
  12. Steve Pavlina's blog boasts a large archive of personal development and productivity articles like "30 Days to Success," "Motivation for Smart People," and "10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job."
  13. Web Worker Daily: Readers appreciate this organized, professional site for its articles ranging from how-to guides to software productivity tools and more.
  14. Dumb Little Man: This dumb little man is not so dumb. Check this site often, because "Each week [they] provide a handful of tips that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane."
Life Organizers

Organize your life with the advice and tools found on these informative blogs.

  1. Your Life. Organized: Monica Ricci gives tips on organizing your home, office, and your life. Read her reviews of tools that will make your life easier and more productive.
  2. LifeClever: This blog demonstrates how everyone can balance a schedule full of responsibility and play. Most popular posts include "10 Tips for Keeping Your Desk Clean and Tidy" and "5 Ways to Instantly Find Cheap Gas."
  3. The Cranking Widgets Blog: Learn how to become more productive no matter who you are: a new parent or a corporate exec. Browse articles and try out free productivity software.
  4. Neat and Simple Living Blog: Readers of this blog find a wealth of articles related to letting go of clutter, simplifying your life, and more helpful organizational hints for cleaning up your life.
  5. Success Begins Today: Success Begins Today is a blog overflowing with "practical resources" that will lead to a "better life." Check out the "Five Minute" series for quick tips on organizing, outlining, and motivating.
  6. Get great advice on maximizing productivity and ensuring quality of life at
  7. Organize IT: Organize IT gives "advice on organized and productive living." Recent posts include "Audit Your Life: Your Wardrobe" and "Simplifying Our Lives: Is it a Lost Cause?"
  8. Patrick Rhone: Blogger Patrick Rhone shares handy organization tools, resources, and ideas with his readers. Read articles about productivity, personal growth and technology.
  9. Legal Andrew: This aspiring lawyer shares resources and technology for increasing user productivity.
  10. Make Use Of: Make Use Of is a fantastic resource for finding nifty little sites and tools for saving time in your busy day.
  11. Notes on Productivity: Learn how to use technology time savers like Lotus Notes and various mind mapping tools.
  12. Unclutterer: There is a certain place for everything in your life. Find out where at the Unclutterer.
  13. Tudutu: This clever blog offers lots of advice for increasing your productivity at work, managing your personal and professional schedules, and much, much more.
  14. Organised Life: Blogger David MacKay hosts Organised Life and invites visitors to recognize it as "a place to get some fresh ideas, and to read about how other people are getting stuff done."
Productivity in the Workplace

Get more done at the office with helpful tips and advice from these bloggers.

  1. The Daily Saint: Avoid being a workaholic with the tips found on this blog, which urge readers to find the right work-life balance.
  2. Open Loops: Be more productive despite maintaing a busy work schedule. This blog has lots of great ideas for making the most of your office and R&R time.
  3. Managing with Aloha: This blog applies Hawaii's set of unique values to life in the office. Author Rosa Say explores values like 'Imi ola, or Mission and Vision, and Kuleana, or Responsibility and Accountability, as she gives tips to readers about maintaining harmony at work.
  4. Trizoko: Trizoko is "your business journal," a blog devoted to whipping procrastinators and low self-esteem entrepreneurs into shape. Read articles on leadership, management, and technology.
  5. Ian's Messy Desk: Realize your dream of a well-organized, goal-oriented lifestyle with the helpful tips and links found on Ian's Messy Desk.
  6. Gearfire Student Productivity: The resources listed on this blog are designed to help students increase their productivity levels and help direct them towards a successful future.
  7. How to Split an Atom: Make technology and the Internet your best friend. This blog demonstrates how working with the Internet culture, instead of against it, can drastically increase your productivity.
  8. Hack the Day: This blog "is your source for tips to improve your life and working habits - computer, Internet and amazing productivity recipes."
  9. Dave Cheong: Dave Cheong writes articles to give you that extra boost you need to stay productive at work. Browse titles like "Waking up early: 15 tips that work" and "How to overcome distractions anytime."
  10. Biz Plan Hacks: At Biz Plan Hacks, you will find "practical planning tips for busy business owners."
  11. Key Organization Systems: Key Organization Systems provides resources and tips for time management, productivity, and organization. Transform your workplace into a totally new and productive environment.
  12. Escape from Cubicle Nation: Escape from Cubicle Nation inspires freelancers, corporate employees, and everyone else in the working world to set personal goals and go after the dreams they want to achieve.
  13. DIY Planner: Search the database at DIY Planner for templates that will help you breeze through your workday.
  14. Business Hackers: This site is full of all kinds of little hacks that will help you get your work done more quickly and cheaply.
Expert Advice

Let the experts share their professional approaches to organizing your life at home and at work.

  1. Productivity Cafe: Consultant Susan Sabo has worked with top execs and entrepreneurs to help them increase productivity in their businesses. Read book reviews, organization ideas and other helpful hints.
  2. Craig Harper: Motivational speaker and life coach Craig Harper teaches readers how to maximize their day by rearranging their priorities and pursuing personal fulfillment.
  3. Laura Stack: The Productivity Pro: Learn how to get things done, be more productive, and enjoy life to the fullest with the suggestions from professional Laura Stack.
  4. Passion Meets Purpose: Kammie is a life and business coach who blogs about personal development, time management, and other productivity hacks.
  5. Achieve IT!: Brad Isaac's goal setting blog features posts like "10 Ways to Have A Happy Workday" and "Abe Lincoln’s Productivity Secret." Read on for more creative life hacks.
  6. Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Workweek: The famed author documents his 4-hour workweek philosophy in his own personal blog.
  7. Chris Brogan: Social media expert Chris Brogan helps readers understand how to network, prioritize, and succeed in a digitally run world.
  8. Life Coaches Blog: A group of professional life coaches dispense free advice on personal growth, improving communication, time management, and more.
  9. Psychology of Clutter: Clinical psychologist Dr. Amie Ragan dispenses professional advice to help people think more productively.
  10. Get Organized Now!: Get Organized Now! founder Maria Garcia posts articles that give helpful hints for staying motivated and inspired and being more organized at work and at home.
  11. The Optimized Life: Helpful articles like "Escape the 40 Hour Work Week" and "25 Uses for Ziploc Bags" serve to organize your life in no time.
  12. Make it Great!: Author and "relationship geek" Phil Gerbyshak teaches readers how to make life great, whether you're stuck at the office or at home with friends and family.
  13. eSoup: Sharon Sarmiento shares ideas she uses at her Internet business management company to help readers "simplify, organize, and thrive."
  14. Monk at Work: Martial arts instructor Adam Kayce envisions "spirit-infused business" that "will change the world."
Personal Growth

Sometimes the key to getting your life in order is to first organize yourself. These personal development blogs offer up positive ways to get your life back on track.

  1. LifeDev: Discover new ways to nurutre your personal and professional relationships, set goals for yourself, and master skills like time management and prioritizing.
  2. Join Steve Olson during his quest for Personal Freedom. Lots of Top 10 and Top 5 lists make his tips easy to implement, as well as fun to read.
  3. PickTheBrain: This unconventional self-improvement blog tackles issues like personal productivity, motivation, self education, psychology,and philosophy.
  4. Life Optimizer: Life Optimizer is a personal growth and effectiveness blog that offers advice on staying positive, energetic, and productive.
  5. Cultivate Greatness: Leadership Training: Train yourself to be a well-respected, successful, and satisfied individual.
  6. My Empty Bucket: Learn how to lead life full of happiness and fulfillment by prioritize your responsibilities, figuring out what kinds of goals to set for yourself, and improving your self-esteem.
  7. The Positivity Blog: The Positivity Blog supplies readers with innovative ways to improve your social skills, leave your procrastination days at the curb, and maintain a healthy attitude about work and life.
  8. Change Your Thoughts: Steven Aitchison's personal development blog is full of valuable life hacks that will lead to a fulfilling, productive lifestyle.
  9. Personal Development Blog: Browse categories like goal setting, lifehacks, and mastering habits to get your life back on track.
  10. Brian Kim: Brian Kim urges readers to "invest in yourself and make it happen." By improving and organizing yourself, you can then find success in the outside world.
  11. Life Reboot: This blogger gives advice on staying motivated, switching careers, and implementing clever little hacks that will make your life more enjoyable.
  12. Aim for Awesome!: This personal development blog focuses on the principles of Smiles, Smarts, and Success.
  13. Life Learning Today: Apply these valuable life improvement tips to your lifestyle for maximum productivity, relationship, and self-esteem improvements.
  14. Life 2.0: Follow the teachings on this blog, which will take you on a path to self-realization, business success, and leadership.

Spending time worrying about your priorities will only make you fall further and further behind in your responsibilities. Learn how to organize your schedule with the help of these blogs.

  1. Did I Get Things Done?: Learn how to become more productive by prioritizing your life in a more organized way.
  2. What's the Next Action: This blog is based on the teachings of GTD expert Dave Allen. Get ideas for straightening out your priorities managing your hectic schedule.
  3. Black Belt Productivity: Read articles that preach time management as the main method to maximizing your productivity. Little life hacks and easy-to-use tools and calendars are also reviewed in this blog.
  4. Daily PlanIT: Figure out what you want in life, and then discover the tools that will help you go out and get record time.
  5. HD Biz Blog: Read about the newest tools for navigating your way through the digital age, one step at a time.
  6. Effective Time Management: Discover new ways to organize your calendar, define goals, and more effectively manage your life at work with the resources discussed on this blog.
  7. Productivity Goal: This blog offers tips for organizing your work life, time management, and priorities.
  8. Simple Productivity Blog: Easy-to-follow time management and prioritizing tips urge readers to be more flexible and redesign their current daily routines.
  9. Jim Gibbon: Learn how to beat destructive procrastination habits by re-prioritizing your schedule and study habits.
  10. The Glass is Too Big: This blog covers practically every topic there is to write about, including life hacks, relationships, and plenty of DIY topics.
Personal Finance Hacks

These blogs dictate how making sense of your finances can equal higher productivity levels, not to mention help you maintain your sanity.

  1. Getting Finances Done: This blog is "your guide to stress-free financial control." Learn how to organize your bills, stay out of debt, and get a handle on your bank account with these excellent hacks.
  2. Wise Bread: Learn how to live "large on a small budget." This personal finance and frugal living guide is also chock full of clever life hacks.
  3. The Simple Dollar: Access free calculators, personal finance tips, and articles like "Your Money or Your Life: The Money Trap."
  4. Get Rich Slowly: Access smart money hacks, calculators, and other tools at Get Rich Slowly.
  5. Frugal for Life: Frugal for Life documents easy ways to lead an organized, clutter-free and frugal lifestyle.
  6. Clever Dude: Life hacks for dealing with marriage, family, and your personal finances are abundant on this clever site.
  7. Consumerism Commentary: Check out articles on taxes, debt, and insurance for helpful hacks for how to manage your personal finances.
  8. My Personal Finance Blog: This personal finance blog aids readers in their search for "advice, research and tips on improving [their] financial lives."
  9. This network of personal finance blogs will connect you to all kinds of great advice for organizing your money.

These blogs provide general tips and lifehacks to help your improve your life and productivity.

  1. Scott H. Young: Learn how to study more quickly and effectively, relate to your friends and coworkers in a more understanding way, and just "get more from life" in general.
  2. One Big Health Nut: This blogger shows how leading a healthy, active life can translate into a successful, productive individual.
  3. Goals Success: Read these tips to learn how to set goals for yourself.
  4. Success from the Nest: This blogging entrepreneur shares tips and tools for increasing productivity, managing your finances, networking, connecting with family, and more.
  5. Academic Productivity: Academics and intellectuals will appreciate this productivity blog that's geared towards their professional and personal lifestyles.
  6. Doc Ott's Lifehack Blog: Doc Ott provides a wealth of time saving tips for today's busy bees.
  7. This popular blog shares loads of "tips and downloads for getting things done." Recent titles include "Streamline Your Grocery List With the Grocery List Generator" and "How Do You Give Criticism?"
  8. Marc's Outlook on Productivity: Find articles about GTD, task and time management, and leading a more productive life on Marc's Outlook on Productivity blog.
  9. John Place Online: This blog is full of positive articles that encourage visitors to pursue successful lives by learning how to be truly happy.
  10. Ricky Spears' Blog: Empower, challenge, and advance are Ricky Spears' fundamental principles for obtaining success. Read his tips for staying motivated, organizing your home office, and other simple life hacks.
  11. Parent Hacks: Find real-world solutions to every parenting problem.

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