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13 Must Read Blogs For College Students - College

13 Must Read Blogs For College Students


lifehackerThere's a reason why Lifehacker is at the top of this list, and it boils down to one important thing: making your life more productive, easier, and most importantly, more fun. Computer geekery dominates much of the blog's content, but not in the over-your-head kind of way. Editor Gina Trapani takes technology out of the proverbial box, takes it apart, shows us how it works, and puts it all back together again. Then she sends us off feeling better about ourselves because we learned something new. Lifehacker is a must-read by everyone interested in improving their lives through technology (and if you're not trying to be a more productive person than you have some real serious issues you may want to address). While many of us let technology control our lives, Lifehacker gives us the knowledge and resources to let us control technology in the best ways possible.


Okay kids, let's face it: we are a society that is obsessed with our lifestyle. What we wear, how we look, and what other people think about us. It's all about style, all the time, and somebody's gotta keep track of what the hell is going on. That somebody would be the Kineda lifestyle and entertainment blog. Kineda has the perfect mix of entertainment news, health and fitness tips, and ways to liven up the party that rivals that of many popular newsstand publications. Just landing on the site, in it's design and layout (chock full of celebrity photos and hot models), just scream chic, and after leaving you'll feel cool and confident knowing that you just picked up yet another lesson in the school of being cool. Kineda was developed by "web rockstar" Tami Andres as a vehicle to keep friends updated with all the coolness going down inside Tami's noggin, and quickly gained in popularity as one of the web's premier blogs, ranked in the world's top 500 in visitors. If you want to keep on top of what's in and what's hip, it's highly recommended that you put Kineda under your blog radar.


gizmodoSpeaking of obsession, if there's one thing we love more than being hip, it's having all the hip stuff. Especially in America, we're materialistic and need to constantly buy new stuff. Gizmos and gadgets and widgets. Cellphones, computers, cars, coffee machines - we just can't get enough. And it's not just having the stuff that gets our rocks off, but having stuff before everybody else is what really gets our juices flowing. Nothing makes us feel more confident about ourselves than being the envy of the masses for having that new camera-phone-toothbrush- vacuum gizmo before anybody else does. You can be that trend setter by keeping your eyeballs glued to Gizmodo, which updates everyday with what's new and neat in the world of technology and consumer electronics. Plus, the site is run by the same folks who bring us Lifehacker, so you can expect to have nothing short of quality when checking them out.

Perez Hilton

Oh boy, here we go. So, we've been discussing our societies obsessions today, which obviously should be the basis for reading an kind of blog. So what are americans obsessed with more than gizmos and themselves? Other people, and more importantly, famous other people. There's a reason why they shove those tabloids in your face every time you're standing in line to pick up those groceries, and it's not because the celebrities inside need any more attention. It's cause they know that you just can't help wondering what's going on in the lives of all your favorite movie and TV stars. The same thing has happened online and has taken the name Perez Hilton. If celebrity gossip is your game, then "Hilton" is here to play, documenting Hollywood and it's inhabitants daily so you don't have to wait for that new issue of The Star to make it to the checkout line. If you plan on being a big shot someday, it be wise to make goody-good with Mario, the man behind the site, so as to not get anything bad said about you down the road; he does run "Hollywood's most hated website", after all.

College v2

Okay, so we can't spend all of our time reading about the latest Linsay Lohan debacle or wetting our lips with new toys. We are in college here, and we have to take any advice that we can get to make our academics the best that they can be. Well, say no more with Seven Seek Web Directory's study habits, better than everyone else's, but also stay on top of the political and financial aspects of attending school. Seven Seek's philosophy of the Internet is to have as much human contribution as possible, and that reflects in their various blogs, which always start a decent conversation. College v2 is a perfect example of how the 'Net is changing the face of how we learn and it's impact of traditional education.

Positivity Blog

Reading blogs will not only keep you up to date with news and information, but can also help you in becoming a better person. You should make an attempt everyday to make your relationships with those around you better and stronger, whether it be your lover, sibling, parents, or the mailman. Keeping a positive attitude and spreading that positivist to others will make your relationships more rewarding. The Positivity Blog will help you in becoming that positive social butterfly with it's daily tips on how to be a better person and build stronger relationships. You'll be surprised after just reading a few posts how even simple little blog posts can have a big impact on your life.

Boing Boing

boing boingOne of the most visited blogs on the web, Boing Boing is the "directory of wonderful things" found online. Originally a printed fanzine, the award-winning Boing Boing is a great place to check out after you've spent the day in classes or studying, but still want do be doing something constructive. Boing Boing is always being updated with interesting factoids and newsblips from around the world. The point,however, is that Boing Boing is fun, interesting material. If you're ever in need to dig up some conversation material to impress your friends and peers, you can be sure to find what you're looking for on this blog. A nice breath of fresh air for those addicted to blogs.


treehuggerSaving the world is cool, kids, and if you want to partake the first step is going to be informing yourself of what's going on in the world of environmental concern. Enter Treehugger, a blog devoted to helping each and every one of us make this wonderful planet a better place to live in. Learn tips on how to to save energy and read up on alternative fuel options and information. After a few weeks of daily updates from Treehugger and you'll definitely feel as part of the "in" crowd and those around you will notice how you're "going green". Use what you learn from the blog to teach others and spread the word about how they can help save the environment as well.

43 Folders

Many of the blogs listed here involve productivity and living life just a little better than the day before. With over 100,000 RSS subscribers, you'll want to add 43 Folders to your list of must read blogs. Much along the lines of Lifehacker, 43 folders will keep you productive with tips, tricks, and hacks to make your personal and professional life all the more better. In addition to the daily blog, 43 folders also has a free podcast dealing with similar subject matter. Users can also participate in the conversation by adding information to the 43 Folders Wiki or posting and commenting on threads in the forum. If you're new to reading blogs or don't think they can be entertaining, 43 folders will surely prove how much they can be of help to students.

Ask A Ninja

ask a ninjaSometimes learning can be really boring and many dread the thought of having to actually use their eyes and read. A good blog allows the user to not only learn, but to entertain as well. You'll find plenty of hilarious entertainment at Ask A Ninja, which seems like a bad joke taken too far at first glance. The site works like this: users submit questions to the ninja, and the ninja then answers said questions in hilarious fashion in short videos. There's also a podcast and you can even get past episodes in the DVD collections. Who would have thought that you would really be learning from a guy dressed up like a silly ninja?

Today Is That Day

One of the greatest aspects of the web and of reading blogs is having the ability to learn something new every time you check one out. And while it's great to be on top of news and current events, it's even cooler to learn something new about yourself. Much of your time spent in college will mold who you become in the future, and it's good to understand yourself so you can control it. Leading a positive and rewarding life is on pretty much everybody's agendas, but it's always easier said than done. With Today Is That Day, you'll constantly be reminded of the need to be in control of your emotions and feelings, which in turns means being in control of your life.


Let's not get too political, and I'm stressing that reason because were not getting on a soapbox here. If you think the media is too liberal or your TV, you can bet it can be online as well. While the area of politics online can can heated and many different sides can be taken, it's very important for students to be aware of what's going on in their government. That being said, Americablog is one of the more popular politically driven blogs on the 'Net today. Students often don't pay attention to politics when they really should be. Everybody living in the USA has a voice, and in order to exercise that voice properly, you better be on top of things. Join the conversation by AMERICAblog's daily posts about our nation's government.

Bold Career

We've covered many different kinds of blogs here for you to enjoy, and many are about the more fun aspects of life. However, we do have to remember why we're in college in the first place. Sure, the social aspects are important; the friends and connections you create while in college are sure to shape you for the rest of your life. On the other hand, you are investing quite a bit of money in your future, and we've discussed some blogs to help you along the way. The party is going to end some day, and you best be prepared to get out there and be ready to land a good job (unless you're one of the smarter breeds who decides to start their own business). Planning a career and getting a good job isn't exactly that easy, but our friends over at BoldCareer have created a blog just for that reason alone. Start reading today so you can be better prepared to move on with your life and have a stable job when you graduate tomorrow.

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