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25 Great Graduation Gifts That Graduates Will Actually Use - College

25 Great Graduation Gifts That Graduates Will Actually Use

We know it's not the gift but the thought that counts, but enough with the monogrammed bath towels and fancy pens! High school and college graduates of today are looking for more practical and stylish gifts that they can get some use out of and won't be embarrassed to bring to school or their first job. So, before you hand over another copy of Oh, the Places You'll Go!, check out these 25 great graduation gifts that graduates will actually use:

College Grads

These gifts will help college grads remember the best four years of their lives and transition into the working world.

  1. Briefcase: A briefcase will make them feel that much more grown up and maybe get them excited for interviewing.
  2. E-book Reader: Now that the textbooks have been retired, graduates can go back to reading for pleasure with the help of a nifty e-book reader.
  3. Diploma Frame: This gift will ensure that their hard earned diploma makes it on the wall.
  4. Resume Paper: College grads will happily accept resume paper and any job advice you can give them.
  5. Cookware: Help a college grad get on his or her feet and replace their old pots and pans with new cookware.
  6. College Ring : College is the best four years of your life, so why not get your grad a college ring that will last forever?
  7. Subscription to Online Job Search Engines: Give a grad the gift of finding the best jobs out there with a subscription to exclusive online job search engines.
  8. Mattress: Most college grads have probably outgrown their old mattress and could use a new one from you!
  9. Shopping Spree: Help a college grad enter the working world in style with a shopping spree.
  10. Career Advice and Inspiration Book: Graduation can be a very confusing time. Help guide this grad with a career advice and inspiration book.
High School Grads

These gifts will help all freshman get on the right foot and make the most of their four-year adventure.

  1. Laptop Computer: If you're feeling generous, get the grad the quintessential college gift – a laptop computer.
  2. College Memorabilia: Send off the graduate with a foam finger, sweatshirt and baseball hat for his or her respective college team.
  3. Wal-Mart Gift Card: It may sound lame, but they'll be thanking you when they use this to restock their Ramen supply or buy the latest Xbox game.
  4. Digital Camera: Help your grad capture the best four years of his or her life with a digital camera.
  5. Backpack : A new chapter in life calls for a new, more mature backpack.
  6. iPod: An iPod is a must-give gift for working out at the rec center and taking long road trips with college buddies.
  7. Brita Water Filter: It might seem like a weird gift at first, but this grad will thank you after they get a before and after taste of dorm tap water.
  8. Gas Card: You won't have to worry as much about your grad breaking the bank with a gas card, which will keep them fueled while away from home.
  9. Bicycle: Nothing says college more than a new bike to cruise around campus on.
  10. Shower Shoes: Graduates will get plenty of use out of shower shoes and avoid freshman foot fungus too!
Both Grads

These practical graduation gifts will thrill both high school and college grads.

  1. Money: Any graduate will gladly accept money, but why not shake it up with one of these creative cash displays?
  2. Luggage: Whether they're moving off to college or moving for a first job, you can't give a better gift than new luggage.
  3. Cookbook: Help this high school or college grad learn how to prepare something other than Ramen noodles and PB&Js with a cookbook.
  4. Portable Mug: A portable mug is a practical gift for any grad and is guaranteed to get used for all-nighters or early morning commutes.
  5. Piggy Bank: Not only are piggy banks cute and nostalgic, but they actually serve a good purpose and will get a grad saving every penny.

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