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101 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You Smarter & a Better Student - College

101 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You Smarter & a Better Student

If you own a smartphone, chances are you're already well-versed in the ability of your device to make you smarter than ever, but there's so much more that you can do. From add-ons to hacks, there are many ways you can make your smartphone even more flexible than the manufacturers intended, so read these tips to make you and your smartphone both smarter and better.


Turn your smartphone into an even better communication tool with these tools and hacks.

  1. Make cheap calls: Connect your smartphone to Jajah's Mobile Web, and you'll be able to save some money on international calls.
  2. Broadcast text messages: Sign up with TextMarks, and you'll be able to send out messages to a large group, or just let people see what you're up to.
  3. SMS conversations: Don't shy away from your SMS in favor of email -- many smartphones will show you a thread of your messages.
  4. Upgrade your messaging: Use Aglie Mobile to get feature-rich instant messaging, photo, video, and voice.
  5. Store your contacts: Back up all of your contact data with Zyb.
  6. Make free phone calls: VoIP providers like VoIP Buster allow you to make PC-to-PC calls using your smartphone.
  7. Set groups: Many smartphones come with a group feature, which you can use to send out mass SMS messages or assign a ringtone.
  8. Sync with Thunderbird: Read this guide to find out how you can sync your smartphone with Thunderbird.


With these strategies, you'll be able to use your smartphone as a personal finance manager.

  1. Track your budget: Automate budget tracking by IMing a budget bot from your phone.
  2. Track receipts: Download Keep Track, and you can track electronic receipts for your expenses, credit cards, and more. You'll also be able to export to Microsoft Money or Quicken.
  3. Store your wallet in your phone: Take photos of wallet contents and keep them in your smartphone.
  4. Send money: Use PayPal's text messaging service to pay for anything, right from your smartphone.
  5. Comparison shop: With Amazon's TextBuyIt service, you can find out how much an item is on Amazon before you decide to buy it in the store.


These are a few ways to make your smartphone an awesome travel companion.

  1. Organize your travel: WorldMate will make it easy to get up-to-date travel information from your smartphone.
  2. Get up-to-date travel data: Fizz Traveller offers itinerary planning, alarms, daylight maps, and so much more.
  3. Talking Phrasebooks: Brush up on a foreign language with MobiLearn's Talking Phrasebooks.
  4. Use your GPS: Many smartphones now come equipped with GPS, so you'll never get lost. You'll also be able to get directions using apps like Google Maps.

Media & Entertainment

Use these strategies to make the most out of images, music, and other media on your smartphone.

  1. Get a visual radio: If your smartphone comes equipped with a radio, create a visual radio that will stream data, photos, and more from the station.
  2. Listen to music with Bluetooth: BlueMusic will allow you to listen to music on your smartphone device through your Bluetooth headset.
  3. Download some games: Get more than the games your smartphone comes with -- download some great stuff online.
  4. Upload Flickr photos: Send an email to Flickr from your smartphone, and you'll be able to upload photos on the go.
  5. Use it as a presentation remote: Download software to turn your smartphone into a universal remote.
  6. Play Nintendo: With FinalBurn, you'll get Nintendo emulation on your smartphone.
  7. Stream music: Use NuTsie to stream iTunes music to your phone.
  8. View photo and video: Download Resco's Photo Viewer in order to view your own video and image files.
  9. Watch TV: You can watch live and recorded TV over the Internet with your smartphone and Slingplayer.
  10. Make your own ringtone: Turn your MP3s into ringtones with ToneThis.
  11. Get Game Boy on your smartphone: Take advantage of gnuboy and play Game Boy on your smartphone.
  12. Watch and listen to broadcasts from your home PC: Download Orb, and you'll be able to turn your home PC into a broadcasting system.
  13. Listen to Pandora: If you have an AT&T or Sprint phone, you can listen to Pandora on it.
  14. Emulate console gaming: Use SmartGear to get multi-system game emulation on your smartphone.


Put everything in its place on your smartphone using these tools.

  1. Send yourself photo reminders: With Kwiry, you'll be able to send yourself a photo with a quick note attached to it.
  2. Manage your personal information: Manage your time, contacts, and more with Agenda One.
  3. Stay on top of tasks: Use this task editor to create, edit, and complete tasks on your smartphone.
  4. Reminders: Use services like Jott to send yourself reminders from your phone.
  5. Maintain a to-do list: Update and manage your to-do list from your smartphone by using an AIM bot.
  6. Gather lists: With ListPro, you'll be able to stay on top of shopping lists, library collections, and more.
  7. Manage your time: Make use of the Papyrus time management system to manage your schedule.


Did you know that you can have an entire encyclopedia in your pocket? Get that and more here.

  1. Visit Get answers right on your smartphone with this mobile edition of
  2. Look up words: Get mobile dictionary WordBook to look up definitions inside your smartphone's apps.
  3. Mobile content: You may already be doing this, but smartphones are great for reading content with RSS and widgets.
  4. Read books, reference material, and news: Get the Mobipocket Reader, and you'll be able to read ebooks, news, and more on your smartphone.
  5. Search Wikipedia: Here you'll find the mobile version of online encyclopedia Wikipedia.
  6. Get weather updates: With PocketWeather, you can get weather reports for anywhere in the world.


Make regular utilities on your smartphone just a bit better.

  1. Upgrade your file management: Use this file management utility to get control of your files and programs.
  2. Improve your browser: Give your smartphone's built-in browser an upgrade with Opera Mini, a browser that can take on most of what you'll want to view.
  3. Add a miniSD card: Free up some storage space on your phone by using a memory card.
  4. Get a powerful calculator: This fully-featured calculator will deliver scientific calculations, unit conversion, and much more.
  5. Manage smartphone tasks: With this program, you can see which programs are running on your smartphone.


Use these tools and ideas to beef up your smartphone security.

  1. Detect threats: Protect your smartphone from virus threats with this software.
  2. Add important numbers: Be sure to add in case of emergency contacts, a locksmith, a cab company, and your insurance provider's claim number to your phone book.
  3. Save your passwords: Use SplashID, and you'll be able to store and back up your passwords, credit card numbers, and more. This password manager will also generate random passwords for you.
  4. Kill spyware: Detect worms, spyware, and more on your smartphone with Spybot.
  5. Back up important information: Back everything up with this software that will save your data.


These are some of the ways you can make your smartphone more easy to use.

  1. Sync your contacts: Sync your contact details and data over the Internet with this app.
  2. Settle into your home screen: Use this smartphone plugin to completely customize your home screen.
  3. Remap your keys: Make your keys do exactly what you want them to by remapping them.
  4. Reboot easier: With this application, you'll be able to quickly and easily reboot your smartphone.
  5. Open document files: Download ClearVue Suite to open MS Office, PDF, and more.
  6. Synchronize your calendar: Seamlessly synchronize your Google Calendar with your mobile device using GooSync.
  7. Sync your contacts everywhere: This Yahoo! program will allow you to sync your smartphone with a variety of different contact managers.


Take your smartphone just a bit beyond what's intended with these hacks.

  1. Unlock your phone: Change the way your apps are allowed to work by unlocking your smartphone.
  2. Unstick keys: Fix keys that are giving you trouble with this method.
  3. Create your own AIM bot: Use this guide to roll your own AIM bot that you can use from your smartphone.


These tools are made specifically for BlackBerry smartphones.

  1. Read HTML messages: Use BBSmart to enable HTML messages within your BlackBerry.
  2. Get remote access: Take advantage of RDM+ for remote access to your PC.
  3. IM: Upgrade your BlackBerry's IM capabilities with a decent IM client.
  4. Edit documents: Use eOffice to get document editing that includes integration with Google Docs and Spreadsheets.
  5. Manage your day: Stay on top of your time with the PocketDay time management program.

Windows Mobile

Here, you'll find a number of the many useful applications for Windows Mobile smartphones.

  1. Remake your home page: Unclutter your smartphone's homepage with PointUI Home.
  2. Stay on top of email: Manage your email with your Windows Mobile device and synchronize with your desktop using FlexMail.
  3. Remote control your Windows desktop: Turn your smartphone into a remote control with this app.
  4. Sync your notes: Make use of Evernote and you'll get an incredible flexible note-taker that will sync between your smartphone and desktop.
  5. Get a close button: Spb Pocket Plus will give you the ability to close programs and better manage tasks.
  6. Upgrade your browser: Turn your old clunker of Internet Explorer into a more smooth browsing experience with Opera Mobile.
  7. Improve your to-do list: Create, edit, and synchronize tasks with Microsoft Outlook using Oxio's ToDo List.
  8. Integrate with your PC: Use True Connect, and you'll be able to work on your Windows Mobile smartphone as if it were your PC.
  9. Manage your memory: Get MemMaid to better manage your memory, clean your registry, and wipe files.
  10. Read RSS Feeds: Download pRSSReader for a free, smart, and compact RSS reader for your Windows Mobile smartphone.
  11. Listen to Internet radio: Use the Resco Pocket Radio to get hundreds of Internet radio stations.
  12. Transform your interface: Spb Mobile Shell will help you make your Windows Mobile interface look the way you'd like it to.
  13. Use Gmail: Check out this tutorial to find out how to set up Gmail on your Windows Mobile smartphone.
  14. Play a variety of media files: MPlayer will allow you to play just about any media file you'd like on a Windows Mobile smartphone.
  15. Organize your tasks: With SmarterTasks, you'll be able to manage your tasks in contexts.
  16. Release memory: Oxios Hibernate will free up as much memory as possible on your smartphone.


Make your Treo, Centro, and other Palm devices work just a bit harder.

  1. Watch videos: Use the CorePlayer to watch videos on your Palm device.
  2. Read Office 2007 files: Buy the Data-Viz Premium Edition, which will allow you to work with documents from Office 2007.
  3. Create your own ringtones: MiniTones makes it easy for you to turn an MP3 into a ringtone.
  4. Improve your browser: Download Universe 3, an open source browser for the Palm, and you'll get features not available in Browser.
  5. Upgrade your email: Upgrade VersaMail to something that works with HTML and popular webmail clients, such as ChatterEmail.
  6. Send a postcard: Send multimedia greetings using photos and voice recordings you've taken with your Palm.


Symbian smartphones can get an upgrade with these tools.

  1. Edit office documents: Get Quickoffice's mobile editing suite to manipulate documents on your Symbian handheld.
  2. Get directions: Check out Smart2Go, a service that will give you mapping and directions on your smartphone device.
  3. Use it as a webcam: Use SmartCam, and you can use your Symbian smartphone as a webcam.
  4. Get a simpler IM: Mundu IM offers a chat client that is a lot simpler than the Symbian IM.
  5. Share photos online: Send cameraphone photos to a Nokia Lifeblog, and you'll have them online without having to use a computer.


Get more out of your iPhone here.

  1. Videora iPhone Converter: Easily convert videos to watch on your iPhone with Videora.
  2. Get location-based Wikipedia information: GeoPedia will serve up Wikipedia articles related to your current location.
  3. Use your iPhone as a disk: Install PhoneView to use your iPhone as a disc, and share lots of different media between your iPhone and computer.
  4. Get location-aware reviews and listings: Visit Yelp on your iPhone, and you'll find reviews and business listings nearby.
  5. Turn it into a flashlight: Although it will suck the life out of your battery, the Light app will turn your iPhone into a handy flashlight.

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