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The Worth of a College Degree - College

The Worth of a College Degree

Despite many predictions, the worth of a college degree is not falling as rapidly as the critics would like to proclaim. Instead, the worth appears to be going up with the rise of online schools and the easy accessibility to college courses. Employers now know that it is easier than ever to earn a degree, and as a result are now requiring more credentials from their workers.

However, as the worth of college degrees is increasing by the year, so is the worth of post-graduate studies, making competition stiffer than ever within the corporate and business world. It is difficult for many students to gauge the limit of where their education should end, since many jobs require a Master’s degree or higher, and others simply require a Bachelor’s degree with experience. Regardless, the underlying message is that more and more jobs outside of the traditional business occupation are now requiring college degrees. Retail jobs, for one, are a part of the economy that has begun to prefer college degrees over experience, increasing the worth of just a Bachelor’s degree in this industry. While cashiers and sales associates are typically not required to hold a college degree, most retail managers must have some type of college degree before they are hired.

Outside of the retail community, the business and corporate industries are a different story altogether, although they too require college degrees. For better paying jobs, these corporations typically look at post-graduate studies and research, rarely hiring recent graduates who hold only one degree. It has become more of a gamble for interested students to determine what level of post-graduate study will secure a job after graduation. Many companies do not pay more for a higher level degree, but simply look at the amount of experience the applicant has in the field. Other companies look extensively at the amount of schooling the applicant has undergone. As a result, it makes sense for students to look closely at the industry they are interested in before committing to a four to six year post-graduate degree.

However, despite the gloomy or prospective outlook of higher education, one thing remains set in stone: the worth of college degrees has undoubtedly risen even as they have become more common throughout the country. A better educated country is slowly forming thanks to online education and companies have taken note of this new fact.

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