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Distance Learning & Online General Studies Degree Programs

A degree in a general studies program is a strong educational foundation for future degrees in more advanced and specialized areas of study. Many students that choose an undergraduate degree in general studies are giving themselves the maximum freedom to select a wide range of courses form many different disciplines before they decide to focus on one area in subsequent programs of study. General studies also prepares students for entry-level positions in many business, education, communication, computer, marketing and retail, public service type careers. Students with an associates degree in general studies may continue on to higher levels of education in business administration, education, industry, engineering, law or even medicine.

The flexibility of the general studies program allows students to fulfill requirements for bachelor or master level programs in virtually any subject area. Students in the general studies program can choose from basic level courses in sciences, arts, history, medicine, engineering, business or even education departments. They may also be eligible for other higher level courses with completion of the pre-requisites. Students that cannot find a specific course of study that will allow them to include all the courses that they wish to take in a specific discipline often opt for the general studies program in consultation with a program coordinator or counselor to ensure they get all required courses completed in the degree. Programs will include mathematics courses, literature, written composition, communication, humanities and social sciences courses in conjunction with electives and options determined by the student.

The goals and outcomes that are required from a general studies course are to increase analytical and research abilities, understand the fundamentals of the course of study as well as develop a well-rounded education that is applicable to future goals and career plans.

Associates Programs

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AA in General Studies from

Earning a degree in general studies will help students be able to find employment in many different industries. Depending on the interests of the student, they will be able to find analyst positions, administration positions, and management positions.… Additional Information »

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Associate of Arts in General Studies from Liberty University

This versatile degree prepares students for higher-level academic study and for careers in a variety of fields. Students take classes in mathematics, writing, history and other disciplines. Skills learned include enhanced communication skills, sharp analytical… Additional Information »

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Top Online College Degree Programs

  • Purdue University Global
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's
    Purdue University Global has a wide range of programs available for individuals who want to make a career change or improve their job prospects. As a leader in online education, PUG delivers innovative, relevant, and convenient education.
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  • Saint Leo University Online
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees
    As a regionally accredited online university, Saint Leo University stands as an innovative leader in online adult education through their high quality programs. They offer programs anywhere from Business Administration to Psychology, and much more.
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  • Everest University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees
    Everest University designs degree programs for today's fastest-growing job markets. For this reason, Everest graduates are well-trained and well-prepared to succeed in their respective fields.
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  • American InterContinental University Online
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    AIU is the results-focused University that accommodates you with quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs that offer you value, flexibility, a generous transfer-in policy and customizable learning technology that adapts to your preferences.
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  • Colorado Technical University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    Offering multiple degree programs, Colorado Technical University is a great choice for individuals pursuing a career in any type of industry from business to health care. Their programs are designed to conveniently fit into your current lifestyle.
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  • Columbia College
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    As a visionary online institution, Columbia College is committed to providing students with exemplary education and training. They are dedicated in helping students achieve their personal and educational goals.
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  • Walden University
    Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate Degrees
    As a well-known online university, Walden University stands by its respectable reputation as one of the best colleges to attend online. They offer numerous programs with flexible courses in order to allow students to obtain an advanced degree without sacrificing their current responsibilities.
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  • Virginia College
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    Virginia College offers career-focused courses in order to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their career of interest. They offer up-to-date curriculum in order to keep students up to par with industry standards.
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  • DeVry University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    DeVry University provides students with a practical, hands-on education from instructors who are accomplished in their respective field. DeVry has programs for students on campus and online so students can get their degree in an affordable, flexible way.
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  • South University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    South University has been successful in placing students in fast-growing industries using their dynamic curriculum. An accredited university, South University offers affordable programs that allow almost everyone to be able to attend.
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