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Distance Learning & Online Crime Scene Technology and Investigation Degree Programs

Graduates of an associates or bachelor level program in crime scene technology and investigation will be key in working a crime scene for evidence and information, while not becoming specifically involved in the actual apprehension or police responsibilities at the scene of the crime. Typically not law enforcement officers, individuals with a degree in crime scene technology and investigation work more as scientists and forensic examiners, helping the police in unraveling the crime scene and developing and interpreting evidence to assist with the arrest or solving of the crime. Not all crime scene technology and investigation actually happens at the scene. Many professionals work just as much in a laboratory setting as they do at the actual scene.

Graduates of a degree in crime scene technology and investigation may be employed by forensics laboratories as fingerprint specialists, forensic science consultants, evidence technicians, computer systems forensic examiners or as chemistry or analysis technicians. They may also work as private investigators, as investigators for attorneys, or within other government agencies to provide help and support to law enforcement agencies. Hospitals, corrections facilities, government offices or medical examiners offices may also hire graduates.

Classes in the program of crime scene technology and investigation vary greatly but commonly classes on investigative techniques, evidence collection, procedures and protocols, evidence preservation, chain of command procedures, analysis, deduction, logical thinking, criminal behavior, legal and ethical issues, as well as basic criminology courses will all be covered throughout the program. Specific training in fingerprinting, technology in crime scene investigation and various scientific techniques are covered laboratory classes and real world experiences. A great deal of emphasis within the program will be on how to prepare for court testimony and how to explain procedures to juries and other professionals within the legal department or the general public.

Associates Programs

Request information from Everest University Online »

Associate of Science in Criminal Investigation from Everest University Online

Earning a degree in crime investigation will allow students to be able to pursue a career as a criminal investigator, police officer, corrections officer, or law enforcement administration. Students will learn not only how to legally gather evidence,… Additional Information »

Request information from Everest College Phoenix - Online »

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Investigations from Everest College Phoenix - Online

The Criminal Investigations program offers the fundamentals of crime scene investigation science and theory. After training in this program, graduates may work in federal, state and local governments, forensic laboratories, medical examiners offices,… Additional Information »

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