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Undergraduate Certificate in UNIX (Solaris) Operating System Degree from Regis University - College

Undergraduate Certificate in UNIX (Solaris) Operating System from Regis University

The objective of the undergraduate certificate in UNIX (Solaris) operating system program is providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the industry certification in UNIX Operating System (Solaris) Programming certification examination. At Regis University, they teach students about the UNIX operating system, including high-level languages, operating systems, file management, and software development. As the computer science field is continuously changing, individuals with knowledge in UNIX (Solaris) operating systems are always in demand. This is the ideal program for students that have an interest in computers, including software engineering, computer science, and systems engineering. Professionals in this field work to implement and design new software and hardware.

Students that complete this program can apply their credits toward other courses including, computer information systems, computer science, and computer networking. Employment for graduate students with an undergraduate certificate in UNIX (Solaris) operating systems is positive, as they always need skilled professions in this field.

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