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MS in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University

The Master of Science in mental health counseling program from Waldent University provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to treat behavioral disorders effectively. Students learn the importance of providing ethically correct treatment and respecting the diversity of individuals. Students gain critical thinking skills and other abilities, which give them the required knowledge to become confident providers and gain licensure in the mental health field. Students learn about developmental and organizational counseling, group counseling, practice counseling, laboratory sciences, individual appraisal, and the many techniques and skills used to treat patients. Intertwined in the mental health counseling degree program are the study of both the body and the mind.

The mental health counseling program provides students with core courses that complement the foundational courses. To achieve a Master of Science degree in mental health counseling, students require field experience, a thesis, a licensing plan, and a professional development plan.

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