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Graduate Certificate in International Business from Ellis MBA Program

A graduate certificate in international business program provides students with the advanced abilities required in global markets, finance, and analysis. It compliments and enhances or betters student's already existing skills and qualifications in international business. The course studies for students in the international business program often include business management, strategic planning, economics, traditional business development, accounting, marketing, and strategic planning, and others. In international business, there is also a concentration on trade and customs, international business practices, and strategic alliances and international law, which many organizations form.

Students with a graduate certificate in international business often enter into job positions such as business consultants, business specialists for the global expansion of companies and organizations, international sales managers and global relations specialists. The job outlook for international business professionals remains very positive, as many organizations and corporations need graduates with the necessary skills to design complex plans, turning their companies from domestic into international business successes.

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