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General Master of Business Administration from Benedictine University

At Benedictine University, the general MBA WebFlex presents degree programs in international business, financial management, marketing management, and health administration. Each MBA degree course of study takes sixty-four quarter credit hours and up to six years to finish. The general MBA program provides students with specialized functions and the latest technological skills required in business today.

Students in the general MBA program learn knowledge of accounting, finance, and economics along with analytical and management decision-making abilities. Some of the general MBA program course studies include financial education, critical thinking, development, quantitative analysis, leadership, economics, research, and managerial skills. They also study human resource management, international business, entrepreneurial management, marketing and sales, and social responsibility. Some students select the general MBA program to help them gain entry into businesses and corporations in entry-level positions while other students take the general MBA program to advance their current position within a company.

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