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Diploma in Internetworking Technology (Cisco) from

The internetworking technology (Cisco) diploma program from Strayer University provides students with knowledge of internetworking technology skills and introduces the fundamentals of internetworking and progresses through complex designs. In the internetworking technology program, students gain experience in many different internet and internetworking technologies, hardware devices, and programs. The key components of the internetworking technology program include Cisco routers, bridges, switches, and network devices. Students also acquire a clear understanding of network management. Throughout this program, students gain experience developing, managing and designing network systems, along with measuring customer needs and troubleshooting.

The internet and computers are so important in today's society. More organizations, businesses and individuals depend on them than ever. Because of this, there is a growing need for professionals with a diploma in internetworking technology. With entrepreneurs and businesses ready to move their business online, the job outlook for internetworking technology professionals has never been more positive.

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