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BS in Legal Studies Degree from University of Maryland College Park - College

BS in Legal Studies from University of Maryland College Park

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in legal studies can find employment as client advocates, advisors in business, assistants to judges, attorneys or court clerks, or as paralegals working within attorney's offices or in private practice in preparing court documents, research and other legal paperwork. Graduates may choose to focus in one area of paralegal services such as family and divorce, civil law, criminal law, wills and estates or real estate law. Paralegals may also work for bankruptcy courts, child support collection agencies or other legal or criminal justice businesses and services.

While all students in the Bachelor of Science in legal studies program will take core courses, there are also options to specialize. Typically all students will complete classes on court document preparation, pleadings, legal research, communication skills and reporting, court proceedings, record keeping and ethical and legal issues with regards to handling client information.

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