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Bachelor of Computer Information Systems – Project Management and Planning from Baker College Online

Leading an IT department requires a person who understands how various systems work, how to implement changes into existing systems, and design projects that will test to see how secure a network is and how efficient it is for a company or organization. Students who want to join IT departments will need to have a background in information systems, networking, and project management. There are many tasks an IT department must perform each day. These include troubleshooting, installing and maintaining networks, and training employees how to use computer equipment.

Courses students will need to complete in order to earn their degree include project management, computer information systems, networking, and data analysis. Students will learn how to plan projects, create budgets, motivate others in a group, and complete projects on time. IT departments are always looking for those who have a commitment to providing the best service they can in order to help a company remain productive and profitable.

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