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Kaplan University Online

Students who enroll in Kaplan University Online will find that Kaplan takes the traditional classroom experience and transfers it directly to the internet. Kaplan online is much more than just an online destination, where people exchange information. It is an institution that has been educating people since 1937 in traditional classroom settings. The university has developed test preparation kits for over 3 million students. Kaplan University Online offers students the opportunity to learn with fellow classmates, advisors and professors.

At Kaplan University Online, students have access to internet libraries, interactive class meetings and virtual field trips. These are all important components of the methods used to teach students enrolled in the degree program. Students also attend special class meetings arranged so that open discussions can be exectuted. Students also have access to message boards, which are used to increase communication between students and students, and students and faculty. At any time, advisors are available to give students advice. During the courses, online quizzes are given and scored automatically so that students know how they did without the stress of waiting. Feeback is also given to students in private message boards so that they may improve their test scores and determine strengths and weaknesses.

At Kaplan, students learn much more than what is on the course syllabus. They get real life training that they can apply to the real world. Graduates emerge from Kaplan with the ability to think for themselves and rely on their own judgements. The professors at Kaplan aren't just teachers. They are leaders in their fields and have extensive knowledge and on-the-job experience. Through the courses at Kaplan, they pass on this invaluable information to students.

Programs offered by Kaplan University Online

  • Associate of Applied Science in Accounting

    This program exposes students to basic accounting principles, as well as industry-related technology systems and other business practices. Coursework trains students to effectively and accurately communicate financial data to other business professionals… More »

  • Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration -- Management

    Management students learn how organizational behavior, communication and diversity in the workplace affect all business settings. This program helps students develop effective management techniques by training them to use relevant technology, communicate… More »

  • Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems

    Students in this program gain the skills they need to perform in entry-level jobs or continue their education in a Bachelor's degree program. Coursework covers topics in law enforcement, corrections, security and other areas in criminal justice. Students… More »

  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

    Students in this program gain the skills they need to perform in entry-level jobs or continue their education in a Bachelor's degree program. Coursework covers topics in law enforcement, corrections, security and other areas in criminal justice. Students… More »

  • Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies

    This program helps students become proficient in the issues and day-to-day responsibilities that characterize the legal field. Students learn how to perform research, communicate with legal professionals on criminal law and civil cases, and evaluate contracts.… More »

  • Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Business

    This program is designed for students with degrees at the Associate's level and who want to jumpstart their career goals by earning a practical, focused Bachelor's degree in Business. Concentrations are available in the following areas: General Business,… More »

  • Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Communication

    A versatile degree in Communication gives students the practical skills they need to become competitive forces in areas like advertising, new media, public relations, technical writing, public administration, politics, publishing and more. Coursework… More »

  • Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

    This program prepares students for careers in all areas of the growing field of criminal justice. Ten concentration areas in forensic psychology, law enforcement, private security, fraud examination and investigation, corrections, crime analysis, crime… More »

  • Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

    Graduates of this program will be ready to compete for jobs in IT, technology design and business. Four concentration areas including Database, Network Administration, Programming, and Web Multimedia and Animation give students the technical tools they… More »

  • Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

    Students in the Advanced Start BS Legal Studies program are generally preparing for careers in government, healthcare, business and law, or are getting ready to apply for law school. The curriculum includes courses that cover American history, communications,… More »

  • Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Management

    The Advanced Start Management degree helps students transition from academic study to professional work experience in a variety of fields. Students gain the skills and understanding they need to become effective managers and leaders by taking courses… More »

  • Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Software Development

    Designed to train students to become successful software designers and technicians, this program focuses students on developing current, real-life skills. From understanding software program requirements to troubleshooting and solving problems, graduates… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Business

    Students pursuing their Bachelor of Science degree in Business will learn a variety of skills relevant to the current job market. Concentrations include Management of Information Systems, Accounting, General Business, Finance, and Business Security and… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Communication

    This Bachelor's level program is designed to prepare students for successful careers in competitive industries directly after graduation. Students develop excellent oral and written communications skills and learn to work with technology to give them… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Communication -- Organizational Communication

    This concentration helps students become effective managers and team leaders by understanding the concepts and strategies surrounding organizational communication. Coursework focuses students on understanding group dynamics, multicultural issues and more.… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Communication -- Technical Writing

    The Technical Writing specialization within the B.S. Communication program trains students to develop business-appropriate writing skills and to communicate effectively on a professional level. Graduates will be eligible for work in business, education,… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

    This broad-based program gives students the academic and technical foundation they need to pursue jobs in law enforcement, forensics, fraud investigation, parole administration and more. Concentrations like forensic psychology, law enforcement, private… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

    This highly marketable degree readies students for successful careers in business, government and other technology-related jobs. Concentrations include Database, Network Administration, Programming, Web Development, and Multimedia and Animation, offering… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

    The BSLS degree offers students a traditional curriculum based on the study of the American legal system and government processes. Students can choose to specialize in the health care concentration or complete the general Legal Studies degree. All students… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Management

    From developing critical thinking skills to understanding how technology systems benefit the workplace, graduates of the Management degree at Kaplan are prepared to become smart, strategic leaders in their industry. Concentrations are available in the… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Networking Technology

    Graduates of this program are armed with the tools to be competitive network technicians and administrators, contributing to any number of industries. Students in the program learn about managing operating systems, designing wireless networks and providing… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Software Development

    This program combines strategies in project management, customer service and technical software design to ready students for jobs as computer manufacturers, software publishers and more. Coursework covers programming techniques and guidelines, current… More »

  • RN to BSN

    The RN to BSN degree gives practicing nurses the opportunity to advance their careers and increase their salaries by earning a Bachelor's degree designed to fit their specific needs. Kaplan's program covers topics like health advocacy, risk management,… More »

  • Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning

    Teachers in this program analzye educational trends and teaching strategies to better their own classroom techniques and help their students learn more effectively. The program includes nine focus areas including Teaching Literacy and Language: Grades… More »

  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice -- Corrections

    Kaplan's MSCJ/Corrections program offers students advanced study and preparation in this highly specialized field. Graduates of the program will be able to contribute to corrections facilities and systems in management positions and to the academic world… More »

  • Newsweek MBA

    Kaplan's partnership with Newsweek magazine affords students an elite educational experience that exposes them to leaders in economics, finance, health care, technology and more. Newsweek editors participate by giving online tutorials and lectures to… More »

  • Newsweek MBA -- International Business

    Students in this concentration gain a global understanding of business, from finance to economic trends to marketing to multicultural management. Kaplan's partnership with Newsweek gives students access to leading-edge resources, analysis and interviews… More »

  • Newsweek MBA -- International Health Care Management

    This concentration prepares students for competitive careers in international health care. Students gain insight into the international community and the unique needs of international health care programs through Kaplan's partnership with Newsweek magazine.… More »

  • Case Management Certificate

    This certificate program from Kaplan prepares students for advanced careers in long-term facilities, human services, workman's compensation and managed care organizations. Coursework teaches students how to evaluate care performance, patient information,… More »

  • Certificate in Financial Planning

    Students gain in-depth understanding of financial practices in tax preparation, management of assets and income, preparing them for comprehensive careers in finance. The program focuses students on retaining key clients by involving them in coursework… More »

  • Computer Programming Language Certificate

    This introductory program exposes IT-minded students to computer programming techniques and processes, preparing them for degree programs within the field. Students learn to work with Java, Visual Basic and Structured Query Language, which gives them… More »

  • Forensic Nursing Certificate

    Kaplan's innovative certificate program combines leading-edge technolgy and practices in health care and criminal justice. During the program, students will learn how to investigate crime scenes, treat victims of abuse and assault, and communicate with… More »

  • Geriatric Care Management Certificate

    This program helps health care professionals more adequately and efficiently care for their elderly patients. Students learn how to assess and monitor health care systems and treatments while understanding how external social, economic and familial issues… More »

  • Internet and Website Development Certificate

    Kaplan's Internet and Website Development Certificate is perfect for students wanting careers in IT-related fields and for professionals wanting to increase their marketability and value at work by learning website design and management techniques. Coursework… More »

  • IT Pathway Certificate

    The Information Technology Pathway Certificate exposes students to the basics of managing information systems and understanding computers. Classes help students work with computer hardware, software programs, networks databases and Internet tools, giving… More »

  • Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate

    This certificate program gives professionals the experience and guidance they need to turn traditional health care career paths into extremely profitable, focused opportunities. Students learn valuable communication skills that they'll need to connect… More »

  • Life Care Planning Certificate

    This program gives students the tools and experience they need to manage life care facilities and communicate with insurance companies, legal advocates, health care facilities and more. Courses like Medical and Psychological Aspects of Disability, Standards… More »

  • Postbaccalaureate Pathway to Paralegal Certificate

    Kaplan's postbaccalaureate program supplements students' Bachelor's degrees by giving them real-life skills. Coursework develops students' abilities to communicate effectively in a legal environment, evaluate legal cases and reports, and manage research… More »

  • Private Security Certificate

    Students wishing to enter the private security sector will benefit from Kaplan's Private Security Certificate. Coursework involves topics and real-life experience in criminal investigation, fraud examination, security management and more. Students will… More »

  • Project Management Certificate

    This program helps students become confident leaders in their field. Through courses in management, budgeting, risk management and quality assessment, students are prepared to elevate their careers and earn higher salaries. Concentrations are offered… More »

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