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Herzing University

The mission of Herzing University is to provide quality higher education programs that are designed to ready students to meet the needs of employers in the fields of technology, business, healthcare, design, and public safety. The university designs these career-oriented programs to contain not only specific skills they’ll need to succeed in their fields but general education as well, to help students grow intellectually, personally, and to enhance their potential for career advancement.

The first Herzing University was founded as a computer programming school in 1965 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by Henry and Suzanne Herzing. Since then, the school has grown to include six campuses in the United States as well as a network of affiliated schools domestically and in Canada. Students can find campuses in Orlando, Atlanta, Madison, Birmingham, New Orleans, and Minneapolis as well as in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Winnipeg.

While the university has expanded its offerings to include programs in the fields of business, healthcare and design, it is primarily known for its offerings in electronics, programming and network technology. Students will find a wide variety of resources at their disposal for learning about any major they choose, and the school makes an attempt to create educational programs that are highly career oriented and focused to help students succeed in future endeavors.

Herzing University’s online program offers students the chance to get an Associate's or Bachelor’s degree in eleven different programs. The university aims to set itself apart from other online universitys by providing exemplary student-centered service. Students also have the option of combining their online education with in-class studies at a number of Herzing’s campuses. Degrees are available in many programs which include Computer Science, Health Care Management, Business Administration, Health Care Management, and Graphic Design.

Programs offered by Herzing University

  • Associate of Science in Business Administration

    Herzing College's ASBA degree prepares students for higher academic study or lower-level jobs in business by providing them with basic skills in finance, problem solving, marketing, effective communication and more. A degree in business can lead to promising… More »

  • Associate of Science in Computer Science

    Students in this program are introduced to the skills needed from qualified IT professionals. An emphasis is put on understanding how to apply technical networking, database management and software development practices to business environments so graduates… More »

  • Associate of Science in Interactive and Graphic Arts

    This career-oriented degree helps students design projects for the Internet, TV, print work, cinema, digital media and more. Students learn technical skills that will help them apply their creative abilities to real-world jobs and opportunities in a variety… More »

  • Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/Paralegal

    Graduates of this program will be able to assist lawyers with everyday duties including preparing and scheduling, trials, hearings, meetings and other legal events. Students learn to research cases and develop the ability to understand and evaluate current… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting

    Accounting majors study in-depth theories and analyses of accounting while learning the practical skills they need to satisfy entry-level job requirements and pass the CPA exam. Coursework will cover a variety of accounting related topics and will prepare… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    The general BSBA program offers students a broad background in all aspects of business including finance, marketing and legal studies. Graduates of the program will be able to contribute to a variety of fields and industries with the knowledge they obtain… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration -- Accounting

    The Accounting concentration within the BSBA program helps students prepare for promising careers in the accounting and finance fields. By studying the techniques and theories which make up the accounting industry, students obtain the necessary tools… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration -- Business Management

    Students wishing to pursue this concentration develop the skills that make them strong leaders in their industry or organization. In addition to learning basic business techniques, these students gain the insight and abilities to understand group dynamics,… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration -- Legal Studies

    Graduates of the Legal Studies concentration are ready to pursue entry-level jobs in legal offices, legal consulting departments and more. Coursework helps students apply their understanding and analysis of legal issues and policies to a range of business… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science -- Software Engineering

    This program aims to help students develop their knowledge of and experience with basic computer science techniques so that they can apply these practices to a variety of business environments. The concentration focuses on teaching relevant design, operations… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

    This degree, offered by Herzing's School of Public Safety, prepares students for careers in different aspects of public safety and criminal justice including cyberterrorism, law enforcement, industrial security and other fields. Students can take classes… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice -- Homeland Security

    Students wishing to focus their Criminal Justice degree in Homeland Security will receive quality instruction that prepares them for competitive careers. Industry-related course work sharpens students' critical thinking, troubleshooting and communication… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

    This creative degree also provides career-oriented skills and preparation for real-world jobs in many different industries. Students will gain the tools and knowledge to compete in design areas in TV, digital, Web-based, print, cinema and multimedia organizations.… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management

    Students will learn to apply business strategies and skills to health care settings. Coursework covers topics in human resources, business administration and general management responsibilities and techniques. Graduates are eligible for a wide range of… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Public Safety

    Graduates of this program will be eligible for employment in all aspects of public safety, including homeland security, law enforcement, public event planning and terrorism. The career-focused curriculum combines practical skills with theoretical techniques… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

    The Legal Studies major at Herzing College helps students develop the organizational and technical skills they need to assist legal firms and government offices in preparing for cases, scheduling meetings, researching rulings and more. Graduates will… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

    This practical degree offers students cutting-edge tools and instruction to develop their futures as managers in technology-related fields. In addition to learning how to operate and analyze technological systems, students will also practice applying… More »

  • Bachelor of Science in Technology Management -- Computer Science

    Students can choose to concentrate in Computer Science to give their Technology Management a more focused application. Students in the program will take classes that cover advanced topics in computer science, technology, and the Internet to give them… More »

  • Diploma in Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting

    More »

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