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Baker College Online

Baker College Online is a educational institution that offers many programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Students enrolled at Baker College have the unique opportunity to study online, giving them the freedom to incorporate a new education, and ultimately a new career, into their already busy lives. In today's marketplace, many people are looking to begin again by starting a second career and many others are looking to upgrade their education as a means of promotion. The online degrees offered at Baker College give students a structured and intensive program that allows students the freedom and flexibility to spend time with their family or earning a living.

At Baker College, students get all the university experience online. The college has courses with beginning and end dates, assignments have due dates and final exams or projects finish off the year. Even though students will still find the time to maintain personal and professional engagements, they will find that Baker College's online courses are as difficult as those taken in traditional classroom environments.

Students at Baker College are expected to participate in regular and rigorous online discussions with their peers and with their instructors. Students are also required to participate twice-weekly in Baker College's online message board. Faculty and Staff are available at all times to answer questions on the college's message board or private chat rooms. Their expertise and professionalism mean that students get top-notch guidance and advice at all times. Students having difficulty will find personal attention from teachers to be one of the best assets of Baker College Online.

Students thinking of enrolling at Baker College will find that Baker is like any other well-reputed educational institution. Students will receive class assignments and lectures, reminders of when assignments are due and updates to changes in the class schedule. Students are well-connected to the classroom, their teachers and their classmates, so they are completely in control and aware of the education they are receiving. Most classes last a full three-month semester, although some classes have varying lengths depending on the degree program the student is enrolled in.

Baker College is a successful education facility, because students are connected with state of the art communications tools, including virtual classrooms and blackboards. These are used to present information, turn-in assignments and exchange study materials. They can read the lessons and complete assignments at their own pace and any time before the due date; that's what make Baker College the convenient choice for many of today's students.

Programs offered by Baker College Online

  • Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming

    Computer programming is a necessary part of organizing and installing computer networks, software, and applications. Students who are interested in earning a degree in computer programming will find there are many opportunities for them in the corporate… More »

  • Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming Java Option

    Earning a degree in computer programming with additional training in Java applications will allow students to find positions that are more specialized. Having in-depth knowledge of certain computer programs allows students to find employment in industries… More »

  • Associate of Applied Science in Web Design

    Learning more about the current computer software that is used in many accounting offices and departments will help students be able to perform various components of their jobs easily. Students will also learn principles of accounting, budgeting, finance,… More »

  • MBA in Accounting

    For those professionals that already have a bachelor level training in accounting and wish to expand their knowledge of the principles and practices within the field a Master of Business Administration with a focus on accounting will provide that additional… More »

  • MBA in Finance

    The key to most successful business and ventures is effective management of finances and resources and a Master of Business Administration in finance from Baker College is designed to provide a strong theoretical foundation and practical background… More »

  • MBA in General Business

    A Master of Business Administration in general business will prepare the graduate for work in virtually any type of business or organization including international businesses, local business, government agencies or non-profit organizations. The program… More »

  • MBA in Health Care Management

    The Master of Business Administration in health care management from Baker College online is designed to help current professionals in the field of health care management and administration develop the skills needed to make effective business decisions… More »

  • Post Baccalaureate Certificate - Project Management and Planning

    The post baccalaureate, certificate program in project management and planning from Baker College gives students the knowledge, techniques, tools, and skills necessary in project management practice. The project management and planning curriculum… More »

  • Web Design Certification

    The main objective of the web certification program in web design from Baker College is providing students with the necessary knowledge, foundation, and skills required to maintain, implement, and design worldwide web sites for private, public, and… More »

  • Web Design Certification

    The main objective of the web certification program in web design from Baker College is providing students with the necessary knowledge, foundation, and skills required to maintain, implement, and design worldwide web sites for private, public, and… More »

  • Web Design Certification

    The main objective of the web certification program in web design from Baker College is providing students with the necessary knowledge, foundation, and skills required to maintain, implement, and design worldwide web sites for private, public, and… More »

  • Associate of Business in Accounting

    Those who want to earn a degree in accounting will be able to find employment in accounting departments, firms, government agencies, and consulting firms. There are many duties accounts are responsible for including maintaining an accurate record of expenses… More »

  • Associate of Business in Accounting/Computer Information Systems

    For those who are looking for a career in accounting, learning about the latest computer information systems and software is important. Students will learn about these programs and how to use them in a business environment while earning their degree in… More »

  • Associate of Business in Accounting/Management

    Management positions within accounting departments require the knowledge of running group projects, the latest tax laws, and being able to work well with a wide variety of people. Those who want to enter into management positions within an accounting… More »

  • Associate of Business in Computer Information Systems/Micro

    Learning how to use computer software that is specifically made for smaller businesses is an important component of this degree program. Students will learn not only accounting basics, word processing, and data retrieval and storage; they will also learn… More »

  • Associate of Business in General Business

    Learning about general business practices will help students understand how business works and which areas of business they would be most interested in pursuing. A degree in general business can give students an overview of computer software used, how… More »

  • Associate of Business in Human Resource Management

    Working in the human resource department will give students the opportunity to help those who have questions about their role within a company, health benefits information, or questions about how to settle conflict. A degree in human resources management… More »

  • Associate of Business in Management

    Earning a degree in management will enable students to find careers in different industries, government agencies, and private organizations. Understanding how business works and being able to lead groups on projects that will help businesses be even more… More »

  • Associate of Business in Marketing

    Students who want to work in marketing departments, advertising firms, and smaller companies will benefit from earning a degree in marketing. Skills that students will learn include designing marketing materials, working with the public, and completing… More »

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

    For those who want to earn a degree and qualify to take the CPA exam, completing this degree program is essential. There are many opportunities for accountants who want to work in corporate, non-profit, and government settings. Understanding taxation… More »

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

    Students who want to work in finance departments for corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and others will need to enhance their communication skills, analytical skills, and presentation skills in order to perform the duties asked… More »

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

    The human resource department is made of different areas that handle health benefits and compensation, employee relations, recruiting, and training for other departments. Students who want to earn a degree in human resource management will be able to… More »

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

    Managing a group, department within a company, or small business is a challenging career for those who possess leadership and project management skills. Managing a team requires an attention to detail, the ability to motivate others, and managing time… More »

  • Bachelor of Business in Marketing

    Marketing departments are becoming more common in small and large companies because they provide materials about goods and services in order to entice consumers into purchasing from the company. Marketing materials, internet marketing, and advertising… More »

  • Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

    Protecting corporate information is an essential part of any IT department. Managing the intranet to keep unauthorized people out, making sure networks are secure, and ensuring that all documents are stored properly are some of the tasks that those who… More »

  • Bachelor of Computer Information Systems – Project Management and Planning

    Leading an IT department requires a person who understands how various systems work, how to implement changes into existing systems, and design projects that will test to see how secure a network is and how efficient it is for a company or organization.… More »

  • Bachelor of Computer Science – Database Technology

    Many companies rely on databases as a way to store information, make information more accessible, and to maintain records for tax and other purposes. A degree in database technology will teach students how to design databases using computer programs such… More »

  • Bachelor of Web Development

    Graduates of an Associate of applied science degree in web design can expand both their overall management skills as well as their technical knowledge and understanding with a Bachelor of Web Develop program. The goal of the program is to reach beyond… More »

  • Bachelors of Business Administration - Accelerated Program

    Designed with working professionals in mind, the Bachelor of Business Administration accelerated program allows already qualified and approved individuals to move through the course of study in an accelerated format to allow faster graduation from the… More »

  • MBA in Human Resources Management

    In the highly dynamic world of personnel managers the need for qualified and trained human resource specialists continues to grow and expand. Human resource manager must be aware of policies regarding retirement funds, insurance claims and paperwork,… More »

  • MBA in Leadership Studies

    The Master of Business Administration in leadership studies from Baker College online goes beyond a traditional Master of Business Administration program to provide students with the advanced skills and theoretical knowledge to become true leaders in… More »

  • MBA in Marketing

    The Master of Business Administration in marketing program is designed for those students that are already working in various aspects of business including sales, advertising, marketing or retail management positions. The program builds on the students… More »

  • Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

    A general outline of coursework for MSCIS students includes classes in programming, system development, database management, networks, human computer interface design and others. Students may also take advantage of the Business Administration Concentration,… More »

  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management

    This career-focused certification program helps students apply their skills directly to their current or future jobs. Designed to help managers in a variety of industries, this program teaches project development and execution skills to improve a company's… More »

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