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Top Online College Degree Programs

  • Purdue University Global
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's
    Purdue University Global has a wide range of programs available for individuals who want to make a career change or improve their job prospects. As a leader in online education, PUG delivers innovative, relevant, and convenient education.
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  • Saint Leo University Online
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees
    As a regionally accredited online university, Saint Leo University stands as an innovative leader in online adult education through their high quality programs. They offer programs anywhere from Business Administration to Psychology, and much more.
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  • Everest University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees
    Everest University designs degree programs for today's fastest-growing job markets. For this reason, Everest graduates are well-trained and well-prepared to succeed in their respective fields.
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  • American InterContinental University Online
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    AIU is the results-focused University that accommodates you with quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs that offer you value, flexibility, a generous transfer-in policy and customizable learning technology that adapts to your preferences.
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  • Colorado Technical University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    Offering multiple degree programs, Colorado Technical University is a great choice for individuals pursuing a career in any type of industry from business to health care. Their programs are designed to conveniently fit into your current lifestyle.
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  • Columbia College
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    As a visionary online institution, Columbia College is committed to providing students with exemplary education and training. They are dedicated in helping students achieve their personal and educational goals.
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  • Walden University
    Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate Degrees
    As a well-known online university, Walden University stands by its respectable reputation as one of the best colleges to attend online. They offer numerous programs with flexible courses in order to allow students to obtain an advanced degree without sacrificing their current responsibilities.
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  • Virginia College
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    Virginia College offers career-focused courses in order to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their career of interest. They offer up-to-date curriculum in order to keep students up to par with industry standards.
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  • DeVry University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    DeVry University provides students with a practical, hands-on education from instructors who are accomplished in their respective field. DeVry has programs for students on campus and online so students can get their degree in an affordable, flexible way.
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  • South University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    South University has been successful in placing students in fast-growing industries using their dynamic curriculum. An accredited university, South University offers affordable programs that allow almost everyone to be able to attend.
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All Colleges

  • American Sentinel University

    American Sentinel University is committed to helping persons who wish to further their education. Students at American Sentinel University are exposed to a curriculum that is geared... Read more »

  • Anthem College

    Anthem College Online is a division of the Anthem Education Group and students looking for an associate's or bachelor's degree through online education, should look to this college.... Read more »

  • AT Still University of Health Sciences

    AT Still University of Health Sciences is designed to give persons a great opportunity to further their education outside of a traditional classroom setting. AT Still University... Read more »

  • Baker College Online

    Baker College Online is a educational institution that offers many programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Students enrolled at Baker College have the unique opportunity... Read more »

  • Bellevue University

    Bellevue University’s mission is to provide students with comprehensive education in the fields of business, information technology and the liberal arts. With this education... Read more »

  • Benedictine University

    Benedictine University Webflex MBA is an educational program that gives students the ability to choose between studying online full time or blending online classes with weekend... Read more »

  • Berkeley College Online

    Berkeley College’s primary objective is to achieve excellence. This translates into academic programs that attempt to balance preparation in the classroom with professional training... Read more »

  • Boston University

    Boston University is an online university that offers several degree and certificate programs full-time through internet courses. Students at Boston University do not have to take... Read more »

  • Bowling Green State University

    Bowling Green State University aims to be one of the best learning communities in the state of Ohio and in the nation through aiding intellectual discovery, rational discourse... Read more »

  • Bryant and Stratton College

    Bryant and Stratton College is an online educational facility that allows people to earn a degree in business, accounting or information technology. The college offers these three... Read more »

  • California Coast University

    The goal of California Coast University is to help busy working professionals further their educations and advance their careers without sacrificing their current lifestyles and... Read more »

  • Cambridge College

    The mission of Cambridge College is to provide students with a time efficient and cost-effective way to get quality higher education while maintaining commitments to work and... Read more »

  • Capella University

    Capella University is one of best and most intensive online learning facilities available to students today. People enrolled at Capella University Online learn through lectures,... Read more »

  • Champlain College Online

    The vision of Champlain college is to be a leader in helping to educate students not only in becoming skilled and effective professionals but also in being thoughtful, globally-minded... Read more »

  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology strives to be the school of choice for students pursuing a career in the behavioral sciences. It aims to achieve this goal by integrating... Read more »

  • City University

    City University of Seattle aims to change lives for the better by offering high quality and lifelong education to anyone with the will and desire to keep learning. The school... Read more »

  • Cleveland Institute of Electronics

    Cleveland Institute of Electronics’ goal is to prepare students to become skilled technicians and engineers who will solve electronic engineering and computer technology problems.... Read more »

  • Colorado Techinical University Onilne

    The mission of Colorado Technical University is to provide career-driven education by teaching applied, real-world, industry-relevant programs. The school also hopes to serve the... Read more »

  • Concord Law School

    Concord Law School is an online law school that helps people to get an education in the field of law. Students can get an education to become trial lawyers or corporate legal counsel.... Read more »

  • Eastern Kentucky University Online

    Eastern Kentucky University Online is an educational facility that rests on the foundation of 100 years of education and experience. The campus of Eastern Kentucky was first opened... Read more »

  • eCornell- Cornell University

    Cornell aims to be a learning community that serves society by educating the leaders of tomorrow and helping to expand the frontiers of knowledge. The school hopes to foster personal... Read more »

  • Everest College Phoenix - Online

    Everest College Phoenix - Online is a facility that offers coursework and education on in-demand careers. The classes are structured for students who need flexible schedules, including... Read more »

  • Everest University Online

    Everest University Online offers degree programs for students were are looking for the ultimate in flexibility. The university helps people to earn a bachelor's degree or master's... Read more »

  • Fielding Graduate University

    Fielding Graduate University aims to prepare its students to serve their communities and employers as professionals by offering Master's and Doctoral programs that involve them... Read more »

  • Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

    Florida Hospital College’s mission is to provide an environment where students can develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically while pursuing their education.... Read more »

  • Florida Institute of Technology

    Florida Institute of Technology is an educational institution that's origins go back to 1958. It originally provided specialized continuing professional development opportunities... Read more »

  • Franklin University

    Franklin University aspires to be a student-centered institution of higher learning that works with qualified professionals in the business and professional community to provide... Read more »

  • George Washington University

    George Washington University’s mission is to remain grounded in its history and in its community while the curriculum evolves to meet the demands of a changing world and job... Read more »

  • Gonzaga University

    Gonzaga University is an educational institution accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. This facility offers several different programs of study over... Read more »

  • Graceland University

    Graceland University hopes to bring together students from all backgrounds, ages, races, and religions to engage in thoughtful education and career advancement to enrich their... Read more »

  • Grand Canyon University Online

    The options are wide open at Grand Canyon University Online. Students can choose to earn any number of degrees, including a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in education.... Read more »

  • Indiana State University

    Indiana State University is recognized as one of the best universities in the Midwest and aims to maintain that standing through academic programs that help students achieve academic... Read more »

  • Iowa Central College Online

    Iowa Central College’s mission is to provide students with affordable, accessible, adapted and community-centered programs to help them achieve excellence both in and out of... Read more »

  • ITT Technical Institute Online

    Students enrolled at ITT Technical Institute Online will find that the program's online courses are very similar to the traditional classroom courses. While enrolled in the programming,... Read more »

  • Kaplan Online Financial Planning

    Those individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in financial planning should consider enrolling in Kaplan Online Financial Planning. A certificate in financial planning... Read more »

  • Kaplan University Online

    Students who enroll in Kaplan University Online will find that Kaplan takes the traditional classroom experience and transfers it directly to the internet. Kaplan online is much... Read more »

  • Keiser University

    Keiser University is a regionally accredited private career university that provides educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels for a diverse student body in... Read more »

  • Liberty University

    Liberty is the world's largest evangelical university, and is ranked #3 in the nation of all online universities by the Online Education Database for 2008. With a population of... Read more »

  • Loyola University New Orleans Online

    Loyola University is an educational institution located in historic New Orleans. It has many different online degree programs available for people interested in getting an education... Read more »

  • Marist College

    Liberty University is committed to supplying its students with a high quality education within a distinctly Christian environment. The school aims to prepare students for success... Read more »

  • Mountain State University

    Mountain State University believes that lifelong education and the power of education can transform lives and strives to help students no matter their age or situation achieve... Read more »

  • National American University

    The online program at National American University provides students with an opportunity to get a degree quickly and conveniently. Many different degree programs are available,... Read more »

  • National University

    National University is committed to providing educational opportunities to people from all walks of life and to making education easily accessible and available to everyone, even... Read more »

  • New England College

    New England College’s mission to build a creative and supportive learning community that challenges individuals to transform themselves and their community. The school also emphasizes... Read more »

  • New England Culinary Institute

    The mission of the New England Culinary Institute is to create a new and innovative way to teach students by immersing them from day one as apprentices to a Master Chef. The school... Read more »

  • Northeastern University

    Northeastern Institute aims to give each student the skills and education necessary to administer a professional body massage under state guidelines and to make sure that students... Read more »

  • Norwich University

    It is now possible to enroll at Norwich University Online and obtain a master's degree in diplomacy, military history, information assurance and civil engineering. Norwich University... Read more »

  • Nova Southeastern University

    Nova Southeastern is dedicated to providing high quality education from the pre-school level all the way through the professional and doctoral levels as well as maintaining a commitment... Read more »

  • Polytechnic University

    Polytechnic University’s mission is to help produce and support the leaders of tomorrow by providing excellence in education and research in the engineering and science related... Read more »

  • Portland State University

    Portland State University is an educational institution located in Oregon. As an accredited university, it has a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from... Read more »

  • Regis University

    Regis University is an educational institution for people who want to earn a bachelor's degree in programs such as computer information systems, finance and marketing. With online... Read more »

  • Saint Leo University

    Saint Leo University is an educational facility that has several affiliated campuses located across the southeastern United States, including Texas and California. The University... Read more »

  • San Joaquin College

    San Joaquin College works to help individuals build a brighter future on the foundation of a professional education. The school aims to do this through creating curriculum and... Read more »

  • South University Online

    Individuals can earn bachelor's or master's degrees online through South University's professional degree programs. The courses and programs at South University are designed to... Read more »

  • St. Joseph's College

    The mission of St. Joseph’s College is to provide an academic and value-oriented education at the undergraduate and graduate levels that is firmly rooted in a liberal arts tradition... Read more »

  • The Art Institute Online

    The Art Institute Online is an educational institution that was developed by The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It was developed as a way for people to explore new career options... Read more »

  • Thunderbird School of Global Management

    Thunderbird’s ultimate goal is to further worldwide prosperity by educating the leaders of global enterprises. In order to do this, Thunderbird aims to offer a unique and powerful... Read more »

  • Tiffin University

    The mission of Tiffin University is to offer students a comprehensive and professionally focused education that will prepare them for successful careers and instill in them a... Read more »

  • University of Cincinnati

    The University of Cincinnati offers both traditional in-class courses and online courses. The physical campus of the university is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and was first opened... Read more »

  • University of Florida

    The University of Florida has a commitment to serving the citizens of Florida and educating students so they are prepared to make significant contributions within an increasingly... Read more »

  • University of Maryland Baltimore County

    The University of Maryland Baltimore County aims to prepare students for graduate and professional study, entry into the workforce, and community service and leadership. The school... Read more »

  • University of Maryland College Park

    One of the original pioneers in developing and providing distance education to students in the University of Maryland, that wanted to provide students who could not attend a traditional... Read more »

  • University of Phoenix Online

    At the University of Phoenix Online students can pursue a variety of degree programs. The university has regional campuses all over the United States. Students can choose between... Read more »

  • Utica College

    Utica College is an educational facility that was originally opened in 1946 by Syracuse University. Today, Utica College is separate and financially independent from Syracuse Unviersity.... Read more »

  • Virginia College Online

    Virginia College Online is committed to offering a variety of degree programs that strengthen students’ abilities to enter or maintain a chosen career. The school hopes to create... Read more »

  • Walden University

    Walden University Online is an educational program that allows students to maintain personal and professional commitments while they earn a university education. Walden University... Read more »

  • West Virginia University

    West Virginia University hopes to create a learning environment where students will acquire the essential knowledge and skills in their majors to excel in their careers or to succeed... Read more »

  • Western Governors University

    Western Governors University is a private, nonprofit, online university that puts your competence as the top priority of every degree program. Each program emphasizes the mastery... Read more »

  • Western International University

    Western International University has several different campuses worldwide, including Arizona, India, China, and the Netherlands. The university is able to provide programming... Read more »

  • Winston-Salem State University

    Winston-Salem State University’s mission is to prepare students to use the latest technology as a powerful tool for continuous learning, career advancement and personal enrichment.... Read more »

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Worchester Polytechnic Institute’s mission is to create and convey the latest science and engineering knowledge in a way that is most useful to students and society. The school... Read more »

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