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Distance Learning & Online Nursing Degree Programs

There are several different types of nursing degrees available that will allow graduates to work at the level and in the field of health care that they are interested in. The licensed practical nurse or LPN is the basic degree, followed by the LPN to BSN, bachelor of science in nursing, followed by the master level programs in nursing. Each one of these options offers a variety of areas in which the nurse can specialize, depending on their interests. Nursing professionals may also choose to move into other medical degrees or may become interested in the administrative side of health care facilities, taking courses in health care administration and working towards senior management positions within the various health care settings.

Classes in nursing range from the very practical, patient care based classes through to the more advanced classes in informatics, record keeping, counseling and specialization within administrative positions. Typically students will complete courses in on topics such as emergency room nursing, surgical nursing, intensive care procedures, pediatrics, gerontology, care methodologies and treatments, medical terminology, human physiology and anatomy and long term treatment for chronically ill patients. In addition students will complete practical components of the programs that will allow them to work within hospital settings under careful supervision and monitoring.

Nursing students and nursing graduates will be able to choose from a wide range of specializations. Some of these include nursing in physician's offices, pediatric nursing, community based nursing, school nurses, family health nurse educators, nursing administration and management. With additional training and experience nurses may also become surgical nurses, intensive care nurses, or nurses in specialized program such as those for mentally handicapped individuals, the elderly, brain injury patients or those with physical disabilities and conditions.

Certificate Programs

Request information from Rasmussen College »

Diploma in Practical Nursing from Rasmussen College

Working healthcare professionals wanting to advance their careers or brush up on their skills will benefit from this program. Students learn how to take samples, engage patients in a positive, reassuring way and deliver first aid treatments. Courses include… Additional Information »

Request information from Kaplan University Online »

Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate from Kaplan University Online

This certificate program gives professionals the experience and guidance they need to turn traditional health care career paths into extremely profitable, focused opportunities. Students learn valuable communication skills that they'll need to connect… Additional Information »

Bachelors Programs

Request information from Bellevue University »

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Fast Track RN to BSN Online Degree Completion Program from Bellevue University

Chamberlain's College of Nursing offers this special fast track degree program for students who wish to advance their careers and begin new jobs in the nursing industry as quickly as possible. Ambitious students can earn their degrees in only three semesters.… Additional Information »

Request information from Indiana State University »

Bachelor of Science in Nursing -- RN to BSN from Indiana State University

This Bachelor's level nursing program gives registered nurses the opportunity to earn a degree and improve their practical skills and employment options. Classes in the major include Nursing Care of Families in Stress and Crisis, Nursing Leadership, Health… Additional Information »

Request information from Chamberlain College of Nursing »

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) from Chamberlain College of Nursing

This fast track degree program gives ambitious nurses the opportunity to earn their Bachelor's degree in only three semesters. Classes in math, economics, cultural diversity, the humanities and healthcare technology prepare students for higher-level nursing… Additional Information »

Masters Programs

Request information from Norwich University »

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Norwich University

The Master of Science in nursing degree program integrates research and theory in nursing and associated fields, to provide students with advanced nursing practice. Students in this program master the leadership and management skills necessary in… Additional Information »

Request information from South University Online »

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from South University Online

Graduates of a Master of Science in nursing program will be prepared to enter into mid and upper level management positions within hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, long term care facilities and virtually any other health related company or business.… Additional Information »

Request information from Gonzaga University »

MS in Nursing - Women's Health Practitioner from Gonzaga University

The Master of Science/women's health practitioner program helps students enter into the fast growing area of advanced practice nursing. The women's health practitioner program provides students with a progressive nursing curriculum, which prepares… Additional Information »

Request information from Walden University »

Master's in Nursing (BSN-Master's in Nursing) from Walden University

The course consists of 41 credit hours and has a real focus on how one can shape the world of health care and nursing today. It gives students the confidence they need to become real leaders within their careers and to help others in need. The courses… Additional Information »

Request information from Walden University »

Master's in Nursing (RN-Master's in Nursing) from Walden University

For all the nurses in America, not all decided to get into the field until after completing college. Thus many nurses out there graduated with an Associates or Bachelors degree, but it was in a field unrelated to nursing. The Bridge Program is for all… Additional Information »

Request information from Graceland University »

Master of Science in Nursing -- Family Nurse Practitioner from Graceland University

Nursing students wishing to become Family Nurse Practitioners will benefit from this program which combines traditional course work with hands-on field experience. Students are free to practice the skills they learn in class in clinics and health care… Additional Information »

Request information from Graceland University »

Master of Science in Nursing -- Health Care Administrator from Graceland University

Nurses who want to become department and organization managers will learn the skills necessary to run offices, utilize technology and become proficient in business practices like accounting, communication and economics. The curriculum focuses on applying… Additional Information »

Request information from Anthem College »

Master of Science in Nursing from Anthem College

Working professionals in the healthcare industry are eligible for this program, which helps nurses develop the skills they need to become managers in their field and increase their salary levels. Students are trained in all areas of the healthcare industry,… Additional Information »

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Top Online College Degree Programs

  • Kaplan University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's
    Kaplan University has a wide range of programs available for individuals who want to make a career change or improve their job prospects. As a leader in online education, Kaplan delivers innovative, relevant, and convenient education.
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  • Saint Leo University Online
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees
    As a regionally accredited online university, Saint Leo University stands as an innovative leader in online adult education through their high quality programs. They offer programs anywhere from Business Administration to Psychology, and much more.
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  • Everest University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees
    Everest University designs degree programs for today's fastest-growing job markets. For this reason, Everest graduates are well-trained and well-prepared to succeed in their respective fields.
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  • American InterContinental University Online
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    AIU is the results-focused University that accommodates you with quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs that offer you value, flexibility, a generous transfer-in policy and customizable learning technology that adapts to your preferences.
    More Information
  • Colorado Technical University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    Offering multiple degree programs, Colorado Technical University is a great choice for individuals pursuing a career in any type of industry from business to health care. Their programs are designed to conveniently fit into your current lifestyle.
    More Information
  • Columbia College
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    As a visionary online institution, Columbia College is committed to providing students with exemplary education and training. They are dedicated in helping students achieve their personal and educational goals.
    More Information
  • Walden University
    Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate Degrees
    As a well-known online university, Walden University stands by its respectable reputation as one of the best colleges to attend online. They offer numerous programs with flexible courses in order to allow students to obtain an advanced degree without sacrificing their current responsibilities.
    More Information
  • Virginia College
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    Virginia College offers career-focused courses in order to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their career of interest. They offer up-to-date curriculum in order to keep students up to par with industry standards.
    More Information
  • DeVry University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    DeVry University provides students with a practical, hands-on education from instructors who are accomplished in their respective field. DeVry has programs for students on campus and online so students can get their degree in an affordable, flexible way.
    More Information
  • South University
    Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's Degrees
    South University has been successful in placing students in fast-growing industries using their dynamic curriculum. An accredited university, South University offers affordable programs that allow almost everyone to be able to attend.
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